When MSM lie just because they don’t like Orange Man Bad….

Seems the liberal media has finally admitted that they were wrong to dismiss former President Trump’s statement that the Covid 19 virus was not a bat virus but was infact created in a lab by the Communist State of China.

He was called a racist and xenophobe and every other obnoxious name they could think off and even said he was losing their marbles, and today…..it seems they have sheepishly admitted that they were wrong to dismiss it and that former President Trump was right.

It seems that rather than promote the news in its fullness they decided to smear a President and lie to the public just because they didn’t like him.

Who are on earth are these people? This is a classic case of MSM lying to the people for their own narrative is a perfect example and shows that Donald was right. The mainstream media will only tell the people what they want them to hear. This is a narcissistic trait as those in the media think they know best when in reality they don’t, and surely a good journalist should just stick to telling the news and not their opinion.

As a blogger I can state my opinion and that is the difference I openly say it is Points of Sue, but these MSM go on national TV to lie, spin and smear individuals because it suits them, and they do not let the truth stand in their way and that is why journalism school must be one of the hardest courses in the world to pass as so very few pass it. The BBC and their journalists for one….they all struggle to pass the course as they seem to think we are interested in their opinion when we are not. Have these people never thought we just want the news and they can keep their opinions as I would sooner have the truth no matter how difficult it is to hear.

Maybe these liberal left news outlets such as ABC, The Washington Post and The New York Times should apologise to former President Trump and admit they had a plan along. They feebly state that they chose to ignore it but they didn’t. They chose to ignore it because the man they pathologically hated said it and that is a disturbing trait and lets face it, how many of us no longer trust these newsmen and women who are on our TVs? I don’t as the BBC is a classic example of how badly run a corporation is and I am of no doubt that the ones mentioned above are of the same class.

They would sooner lie than tell the truth and that is a deeply disturbing trait and needs to be stopped.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin slammed the mainstream media for trying to defend their initial reporting which refuted the lab leak theory

I can imagine former President Trump is looking like this today having read that he was right about fake news.

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