Opt out by 23rd June…

Seems the NHS will be sharing our private medical details with private companies…

First of all…not on your life, secondly how much do the NHS get and thirdly why is this being allowed to happen….

If you are not a qualified medical person then you have no right to be diving into private and personal medical details…

Thats me saying thanks but no thanks and you have until the 23rd June 2021 to do the same. Contact your GP and ask them to send you the Opt Out Form.

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3 thoughts on “Opt out by 23rd June…

  1. This is ridiculous. There should be provisions to opt-in for anyone who wants to share their data, not the other way round where the default goes with sharing all user data as these entities please!


  2. Probably should stop turning a blind eye to the NHS being privatised under successive Tory government


    1. All started by a Labour Government under Blair. Privatisation of hospitals was his major thing. When the Conservatives got into power they took back control of failing hospitals. So please be generous and don’t turn a blind eye to the Labour Party.


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