Save the Armed Forces from being made a laughing stock……

Another day and another woke interaction into our Armed Forces and this time we the taxpayers get to pay £110,000 for the privilege of having somebody tell us that it is sexist to call someone a Rifleman and Airman. What planet are this people on!!! By the way this is only one that we know of and no doubt there are many more of these woke individuals thinking they know better on the MOD payroll.

I am ex Army and I am bloody annoyed that these woke people try to interfere in something that does not need interference into. We need fighters and certainly not those who take offence at a name…..

For my own thoughts the £110,000 would be better spent actually employing people who will fight for us, not fight against the armed forces because they think they know better.

They don’t and diversity in the Armed Forces is just an interference that will get in the way. I don’t mean opening up the Teeth Arms units as they have done this and it is a good thing, and if a woman can do the same as a man and I mean to actually do all the training then they have earned the right to be addressed by the rank and title as a man as they fought so hard for this privilege.

When I joined the Armed Forces if I had been lucky enough to actually join a Teeth Arms Unit then I would have been so proud to of been called Rifleman, but sadly due to being a woman in the 80s military I couldn’t, and I feel so envious of those who can now join those very units that have a wonderful history of being faithful servants to this country, and along comes someone who wants to turn our Armed Forces into a clap happy one …because this is the start of it…god help us.

Have they actually asked those who work in the Armed Forces and earned their right to be there or did they wake up one morning and think oh I know…lets take offence at something that does not need taking offence at?

Do these people never think that whilst they are trying to turn our military into a snowflake generation that they forgot to send that memo to the enemy. Grief can you imagine if the ridiculous diversity mob got their hands for real on our military personnel…. I can see it now….”don’t fire that gun…it goes really loud and bang…why not jazzy hands instead” or “lets tell those trying to kill you that they are not your enemy and you believe in peace, love and diversity”…

Absolutely ridiculous that any Armed Forces would even employ such people. You join the Armed Forces to defend this country and to defend and kill if necessary, and as my father always said after having served in WW2 that war is hell, and you don’t want someone there who will be a liability but you want someone you know will have your back, as you have theirs and will kill the enemy without a minute thought.

As General Patton said……..

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The way our Armed Forces are going the WI will be ore dangerous and why!! Due to the fact that some tick box obsessed civil servant brought in people who should have no say in what the ranks are called, and who really should keep their beaks out and stay out of our Armed Forces.

People go through a lot of hard training to wear their cap badge and it is with pride that you are referred to by your units rank. That is something these pen pushers don’t understand and why….because they see offence in just about everything.

Well I see offence in the garbage they are pushing and we still need the men and women who will fight. Not someone who is a waste of money trying to change things that do not need changing. It is really appalling that in this day and age when we are having to count for every penny for our military, and then the MOD abuse the taxpayers by hiring such people as these woke diversity warriors. They need to get rid and bring back the old sweats to show the military how it is done. I.e. show them the real world not this one where the permanently offended are permanently offended.

The military in Russia and China must be laughing their socks off, and what message does it send that calling a woman Rifleman is going to hurt their little fee fees….Women in the Armed Forces are stronger than that and do not need this woke crap in their work life.

Dear lord they will be taking offense at khaki uniforms next and want our Armed forces to wear pink because its nicer and not so aggressive to the enemy. You couldn’t make this **** up, your really couldn’t and thank god I was in when such people would never have gotten near the military in a month of Sundays.

The change that this is bringing in is not a good one……and should be got rid off at the first opportunity and someone needs to remind whoever is pushing for this diversity changing rubbish that it is real men and women who join our Armed Forces not woke leftists that need saving…..

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This is what heroes look like….

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