Zarah Sultana is doing nothing more than protecting her seat.

Zarah Sultana has written to the Prime Minister demanding to know why Victor Orban is here and then had the gall to mention anti-semetism, when with her pal Corbyn she is one of the most vocal anti-Semites in Parliament.

She has tweeted about a one state Palestinian state where the Jews were not willing to be assimilated, and in another told someone who is pro Israel to jump off a cliff. Where on earth do these people come from and why are they always in Labour?

She has the gall to compare Afghanistan and Iraq to the Shoah. The murder of six million Jews by the Nazis and her vile rantings about the Jewish state of Israel just gets worse and worse. She is no position to demand anything from the Prime Minister regarding the visit by the Head of State of Hungary.

Do not get me wrong I am not enamoured with this Head of State being here either as he has the vilest of opinions of just about everybody, but like any other Government they have to do deals with the devil. I want them to stop dealing with China because of their appalling human rights record but that is not my decision to make, but for someone like Sultana to suddenly be concerned with the Jewish people is suspicious. Could it be that ending up with a majority of only 401 makes her feel vulnerable? After all in 2017 the Labour party had a majority of over 8,000…what a drop.

When will Labour learn that the people do not want to see or hear from people like her and I am afraid it is too little too late and there will be no Brexit party to take the votes next time and it will be a straight forward out and good riddance. Parliament won’t miss her……

A Labour general election candidate who said she looked forward to the death of Tony Blair and Benjamin Netanyahu and George Bush is facing deselection by the party, HuffPost UK can reveal. Zarah Sultana, had also backed “violent resistance” against Israel.

In a deleted tweet seen by HuffPost UK, she also argued Israel had been “created through ethnic cleansing, sustained through occupation, apartheid and war crimes”. She added that Jewish students who attended “Zionist conferences and trips” were “advocating racist ideology”.

And in another Facebook post, revealed today for the first time, she accused  Jewish students of being bankrolled by Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “It must be hard to make a ‘positive case for Israel’ within NUS [National Union of Students] when you’ve got to sugarcoat racist settler colonialism. […] Well unless you’re on Bibi’s paycheque.”

Labour MPs attacking Israel on social media have been warned they risk stoking division within Britain with Jewish communities this week being forced to bring in extra security after an increased level of threats.

The ‘March for Palestine’ could see tens of thousands take to the streets in London this weekend calling for “an end to Israel’s violations of human rights and international law”. Coventry South MP Zarah Sultana was among those who joined protestors in a demonstration outside Downing Street on Tuesday night in which demonstrators carried banners comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. In a second tweet she posted her “solidarity, love and …prayers to the Palestinian people” (

Zarah Sultana lost over 7,000 in the last General Election and I hope the people of Coventry come to their senses and vote out this dreadful woman at the first opportunity. This is not about looking out for the Jewish people as she has said enough vile things about Israel and Jews that we know her true feelings, but this is more a question of trying to save her seat as she knows that at the next election she is looking at being booted out, and it won’t be a moment too soon as there should be no place in Parliament for anyone who spouts this vileness about Jewish people and due to the failings of Labour to curb their MPs the attacks on Jews in this country has risen and continue to rise.

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