Picked up this beauty for £3.99

Please bear in mind that I am a novice urban gardener, and this is how I am planting my own plants, and so far have been successful thankfully to date.

Managed to get out in the garden and plant a lovely Dahlia today.  I purchased it from Lidl for £3.99 and it is gorgeous.  I cannot go to a shop without having a gander round the gardening section and Lidl, Asda and Morrisons are great for the collection of flowers.

Anyway, I found this and when my son had dug the hole it was in and looking gorgeous.

However, don’t plant your Dahlia if it is cold.  They don’t like the cold weather and dislike the frost immensely.

Again, make sure the hole is deep enough to add a little bit of compost and make sure it is damp but not slurry and then in it goes.   You can order dahlia tubes in early spring if you want to grow them yourself, as sometimes it is better to get them early and pop them in a tub although you can skip that bit and put them straight in the ground when the soil has warmed. 

Plant with full sun as Dahlias love the sunlight and they prefer the morning best and if you can give them 6 to 8 hours they will love it.

Dahlias love a rich well drained soil, and if you have been checking your pH level then you know the soil should be round about 6.5 it could go up to 7.0 and that is the perfect planting soil.

Dahlias love mature compost, and you can put them in with other flowers but give them some room as if the soil and the texture is right then your plant will be a grower, and I cannot wait for mine to grow.    When putting Dahlias into the ground then please give them 9 to 12 inches spacing.  If you have a medium Dahlia they can grow to usually 3 foot tall, but the larger taller ones need to be spaced 3 feet apart, and you will need to plant poles that stand around 5 to 6 feet tall as this will give support to your large taller plants and will enable them to grow to a beautiful height.   

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If you have a row of Dahlias they will make a lovely flowering hedge and are great for the borders round a wall in the garden.  When you chose to have them as a flowering hedge they will often support one another so it could be advisable to plant them against a back wall and have them grow as a hedge to cover the wall.  All that beautiful flowering and the smell is gorgeous.  

If you are planting the tubers then plant 6 to 8 inches deep and point the eyes facing up, and cover with round about 2” of soil.  When the stem starts to sprout fill the remainder in with soil until the plant is at ground level and don’t forget don’t water immediately as this will create a mulch, but let it rest and when you see the sprouts then water it.  This will help it.

Image result for dahlia tubers planting

If you get planters that look wrinkled then don’t plant it as this Dahlia is already dying, and you are just wasting your time so try and get the tubers yourself from a garden centre instead of having them sent to you.

Your flowers should start blooming about 8 to 10 weeks after planting and they will look stunning.  Don’t worry about the decaying leaves as the slugs love these, and they should leave the plants alone and instead gorge on the decaying plants as this is one of the times they actually do help. I won’t put down slug pellets as I have cats, a dog, birds in the garden and other insects and I feel that it is particularly cruel and if the birds eat the slugs then they have the pellet, or hedgehogs…so my preferred method when wanting to grow specific plants is put pansies in too….

I sacrifice them for the slugs to eat so that they will leave my other plants alone. It does work and whilst some may think a waste of money it is not poisoning anything and I am happy to live with that.

My plant settled in lovely today and it is off back to collect a half dozen more tomorrow.

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