Angela Rayner needs to give it up and give us a rest from the Corbyn Cult…..

Angela Rayner is still banging the drum for anti-semetic terrorist loving Jeremy Corbyn when she states that Corbyn would have done a better job during the Covid pandemic.

What planet is this woman on? Corbyn couldn’t even keep his party together so what mess would he have made of the country? A dreadful one. When you are the worst Labour leader for almost a century then we were very lucky the people saw sense and knew a bad un when they saw one, and he and his chums are bad uns.

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Angela Rayner has got be working without a full set of marbles.

The country had the choice of voting for Corbyn and thank god decent people could see what he and his mob of MPs were and gave them a political kicking, yet this daft woman is still singing his praises. What planet is she on? It is certainly not this one and all the Labour front bench are now is comedy gold.

This goes to show why Labour is not electable. I mean for the love of Mike there is talk of actually touting Eddie Izzard as a Labour leader, obviously once he has been parachuted into the ever so safe seat which must be few and far between now, but how desperate are they becoming? I cannot see Izzard appealing to former mining towns and as a Conservative voter I would love to see those even more unelectable than Starmer get in, and having Rayner as Deputy Leader is one of the reasons why Labour will not get in.

She and the party have no understanding of what this country wants and she does not seem to accept that twice Corbyn stood as leader of the Labour party and twice this country told him no, yet she is still spouting her nonsence that he can do a better job.

Can you truly imagine the state of the country if that man and his mob of misfits were running the country. What a bankrupt state we would be in and the laughing stock of Europe yet she cannot see this and that is worrying as what on earth are Labour voters voting in?

We have had race baiting Abbott insisting it was attempted murder of the BLM activist, and if she could have gotten away with saying it was a white man she would have. Instead, fancy the disappointment of knowing that it was 4 black men but that still did not stop her and her vile race baiting. The Home Office even said she was lying and wrong and that is dangerous and she knows it.

This is the calibre of Labour MPs that is on show and they wonder why people are turning against them.

The comments on this via twitter were gold….

One said: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.”

Another dryly commented that Ms Rayner’s statement on Jeremy Corbyn was “undeniable considering his bold and decisive leadership on the Brexit question.”

Another user said simply: “Delusional.” 

Another user commented: “I’ve not seen one single thing that gives me a reason to agree with that.

Lots of Labour left have claimed ‘millions’ of suicides because of lockdown. Corbyn would have had us in one never-ending lockdown because he hates business.”

If I was Starmer I would find a way to get this smiling assassin out of her post of Deputy Leader as she is too brain washed on the Corbyn project and the voting public can see this, and their is a majority of people who are not to keen on him, and dislike her even more and that’s because she is Corbyn in a skirt and they can see this. She will do no more than bring back his vile rantings and I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t offer him a job and back in the party.

I give Starmer two more months before he is ousted and Momentum will vote her in as Leader as they still have the strangle hold on the membership, and that needs to be stopped or nothing will change from the disaster that they are…. but happy days for the likes of me as she will never get voted in to power, and the Labour party must be prepared to lose even more seats and end up nothing more than a large Lobby group.

Angela Rayner and Keir Starmer

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