Why there are adverts on my site.

I know that some of you have emailed me regarding the changes to my site and of course the inclusion of adverts and I have mainly good feedback thank you.

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I have had a message today stating that they are annoying and inappropriate. Well I can put the inappropriate argument to bed as they are not inappropriate as the advertisements are carefully thought through and it has taken a considerable amount of time to actually get the adverts that I wanted on here.

The reason I have decided to allow adverts is that it gives me a lot more freedom to take my blog in the direction I want to go.

To upgrade the account to allow video time comes at a price and if you don’t allow adverts then really it is a cost that is mine and to know that month in and month out that I am just meeting a cost of what is is in effect a negative asset really is not the best foot forward in business.

After all if you look at all the online newspapers and associated blogs they all have advertisements, and yes they might be annoying but bear in mind this is what pays for the site and allows people to read things for free. It is the same with me as I did not and do not want to go down the route of having a monthly cost added for reading my blog.

It is free at the point of reading to you but it is not free to me and a decision had to be made to upgrade, especially as I was hitting a considerable larger amount of people with my blog across the mainstream media daily than I had expected to, and the loss of revenue from not allowing adverts seemed a very poor decision to stick with.

This upgrade will now allow me a greater usage of this site and also give me a considerable number of hours to do both verbal blogs and video blogs and that is the area I am planning to use more.

The video blogs will be used for when I visit places to describe and show what a great day out it is for other people, and to actively encourage trips out and the verbal blogs will be used sometimes when it is better to speak than to type (although my computer does type for me). All of this costs money and I felt that by upgrading I could provide a better quality of blogging, and that quality will be at no cost to the readers.

So, I know it is annoying to have pop ups as I have the same thoughts when reading all the newspapers but I also recognise that the advert is allowing me to read for free, and lets face it nothing in life is really free as someone always has to pay.

I hope you carry on reading my blog and grow with me as I am already at 73% of the readers than I had last year for the whole year, so Points of Sue is growing and the site needs to grow with me and the first video blog will be from this Saturday and I hope you stay with me to enjoy that.

Thank you and I do appreciate all those who have stayed with me.

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  1. Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. Yeah, it’s hard sometimes when the money comes directly from our pockets, and we have to offset it all. Wishing you all the best!

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