Dominic Cummings is coming across as a discarded bitter lover…..

Another day and more bitter but very hard to believe accusations from Dominic Cummings.

He has made the most outrageous claims against the Prime Minister and I am sorry but I don’t believe him one bit, except for calling this virus the Kung Flu. I should imagine that thousands of others have done the same thing and is really something that will make us go oooo thats naughty, but laugh and then ignore it. Actually, the rest of us do not care what Boris Johnson called it as he just got on with a job that was in a most extraordinary time that nobody had had to deal with before.

Boris was right the economic damage would have been dreadful. After all if the country went bankrupt because of this what chance would we have had to recover? To buy the vaccines and to keep people in some form of paid employment? This to me showed that the Prime Minister was thinking ahead rather than running round like a headless chicken as Starmer did.

This country has to be able to survive economically any type of disaster and failure to think about this would have shown a complete lack of disregard for those very agencies that would have depended it on, for instance the NHS needed us to have a strong economy so is there really any reason to say it is what it is, and Boris was actually proved to be right.

The Prime Minister and Chris Witty

I do not believe that Boris stated for one minute that he would allow the bodies to pile up. That might of been Cummings idea of dealing with this virus, but most certainly not Boris. He caught the virus fairly early and he knew the horror that this virus was causing and I do not believe after going through that, that he would be so heartless. After all remember that we only have the word of Dominic Cummings for this and he has thrown the mother of all tantrums. Lets face it…he thought he was more important than the Prime Minister and he wasn’t. Nobody voted him in but rather the PM and I think the power he thought he had went to his head.

Boris Johnson (L) is given the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine by a nurse at St Thomas' Hospital in London, March 19
The PM getting his Covid Vaccine

Mr Cummings’ allegation that Mr Johnson said he was willing to be injected with Covid to reassure the public is likely to cause a major controversy. Mr Cummings will claim the PM said: ‘I’m going to get Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer) to inject me with it live on national TV so everyone can see it’s nothing to be scared of.’ He will tell MPs the PM made the remark on repeated occasions.

Sorry I see a whole load of BS and piffle. There was no way that Boris Johnson was going to be so flippant and again we only have the say so of Cummings the discarded angry individual.

He stated that the virus would have been handled easier if the Government and the devolved administrations in Scotland and Wales had had competent people in charge. Wow… can only gather from that he thought he was the second coming of the Messiah, and nobody was good enough. Again I quote they were all elected by the people…he wasn’t and never will be.

What you have to remember that whilst he was thinking this….he continued to take the money from the same very people he is criticising, so what does that make him? A hypocrite at the very least…

It makes him a nasty piece of work and one that is a bad tempered spoilt individual. Whats up did he expect a cabinet post and decided to spin this story when nothing happened? Was he expecting the golden crown from Boris and elevated to the position that he thought was owed to him?

All you have to remember that thanks to Boris Johnson and this Government, this is our reality.

Cummings is little more than a bitter and twisted little individual who wants the piper to pay him what he thinks he is entitled too, and that in reality is the square root of nothing. He was paid well for his advice and he should have withdrawn gracefully and walked into a highly paid job, but then we are talking Cummings and he is coming across as nothing more than a nasty individual who is prepared to state untruths because he thinks he can get away with it.

Don’t give him any airspace Boris and just ignore the odious individual and he will disappear with nothing to show for his effort and lets face it, he will not walk into any other job as this is showing nothing more than a man who cannot be trusted and who distorts the truth for his own benefit.

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