Cummings and his interactions with a reporter who hates Brexit, Boris and the Conservative Party.

Quite interesting to find out today that Dominic Cummings has been having nice cosy monthly chats with one Laura Laura Kuenssberg because of the broadcaster’s ‘special position’ in the country.

First of all….she never had a special position in the country except one that made you want to throw your shoe at the TV or go click as she droned on endlessly in her hatred of everything this country stands for.

For Cummings to admit that has got me thinking… Cummings the mole that was so often letting information about the Government out. It would certainly be interesting to actually investigate that. After all, why is Kuenssberg bothering with the same people that she was actively writing against?

Don’t forget she works for the BBC and they spent years telling Brexiters like me that we were wrong, and didn’t know what we were voting for. Day after day the BBC and their reporters gave free reign to the Remainers to go on endlessly about what racist gammon we were, and when interviewing the Conservative MPs and Pro Brexiters couldn’t hide their disgust. That same Kuenssberg.

Pictured: Ms Kuenssberg
Dominic Cummings revealed his only regular media contact was the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg because of the broadcaster's 'special position' in the country

An unholy alliance between these two.

I don’t bank on it for one minute that it was anything to do with her position as Cummings is not stupid, he knows that the majority of the population were and are fed up of seeing this woman on the TV and still are…….so what did he get from it?

Giving evidence to the Commons health and science committees, the former-adviser said he ‘could give guidance’ to Ms Kuenssberg at the BBC on major stories about the Government’s pandemic handling. He said the BBC was his outlet of choice due to its ‘special position in the country’, especially ‘during a crisis’.

The BBC was dreadful in their reporting of Covid and critical at every point of the Prime Minister and his handling of the crisis, and the people actually want to defund the disgraceful outfit. Is this the guidance he was giving her? To talk against the Government?

I would not be surprised if he had this mapped out from day one and seriously the Government needs to look into what he was doing talking to the one reporter who people don’t want to see on the TV. Every time you say Laura Kuenssberg…those present look to the heaven with the oh god not her again, promptly followed by the “for god sake get her off the TV”.

The Government needs to look at just what was going on with these two and their cosy little chats as I doubt that it was to help the Prime Minister or the Government, as lets face it she is a left wing labour voter and the thought of her taking any guidance from the very man the BBC have called endlessly, smacks in the face of common sense.

When looking for your mole PM …. I would start with Cummings and his cosy little chats with the BBC reporter.

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