When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?

When will our out of date justice system and out of date judges actually start working to protect the elderly and the vulnerable?

Again and again we read of those suffering with dementia who are targeted by low life scum like her who rob them and terrorise them, and these poor people who are already traumatised by having to live each day not knowing what is happening to them and who will have no idea why they are being targeted or even that they have been targeted, and there are more victims here as the family have to wrestle with the knowledge that their dementia suffering loved one is targeted and abused. It is cowardice nothing more and nothing less.

Carol Lewis (pictured), 50, tricked her way into the 88-year-old man's home in Ladywood, Birmingham, after knocking on his door at 5am asking to borrow milk and sugar
Carol Lewis (pictured), 50, tricked her way into the 88-year-old man’s home in Ladywood, Birmingham, after knocking on his door at 5am asking to borrow milk and sugar

Take the case of the thief above.

Carol Lewis an opportunist cowardly thief targeted and entered a house at 5am in the morning of a man who has dementia. This 88 year old man opened his door to someone who because he has dementia did not recognise. He did not know that she was there to rob him and she knew this. It is outrageous.

Luckily the family had installed a camera because money had kept going missing from their grandfather’s house. Now, if money has gone missing then this will not be the first time he would have fell victim to this and you have to ask yourself how would she have known that this man had dementia if she had not already been there? How did she know that he would be on his own and that there were no family members there? Why would she have picked a specific time to both enter to rob him this time and the future time she had decided on?

There are far too many questions that are left unanswered.

The thief then sat on his sofa whilst coming out with choice language, complaining of the cold and asking for milk and sugar at 5am. She is actually seen rifling through his pockets on his jacket, and when she does not find any money she actually starts shouting at him rather menacingly to give her money and she wanted his wallet too. This thief would have left this poor 88 year old dementia sufferer without a penny if she had found it and how do we know this?? That is what people like her do…they take, take and take again and again.

His family set up the camera at his flat after hundreds of pounds had previously been stolen in a similar scam

This would have led to a very difficult situation with this 88 year old man as dementia sufferers need their lives to be as stress free as possible. and there was a considerable chance he actually thought he would have owed her money and this would have stressed him out even more. There was no money to be had and she left.

The grand-daughter promptly contacted the police and the thief when caught admitted that she was actually planning to rob this poor man 6 days later.

Take that in folks…..she was going to come back and rob a man who would have been confused and struggling to cope day by day and what did the judge do….


You just could not make this up. This judge gave her more consideration than she ever gave this poor man. This poor man who she was going to exploit and steal from.

Thankfully the family had put a camera in and caught this thief in the act. When are the courts going to give these low life’s the sentence they deserve? She should have been put in stocks in the town and given a whipping. That would make her stop.

I know that some of you will state that he should not be on his own but sometimes being surrounded by things that are in their home can have a more beneficial help to their disease, and keep them in a relaxed state rather than placing them in a home where they could be totally lost, and why should it get to the point that families are forced to put cameras in because some thieving lowlife decides to pick on those who are most vulnerable?

We as a country should by right look after the welfare of those who are the most vulnerable and that is children, the disabled and the elderly and the fact that our legal system is not looking out for their welfare is concerning, after all they cannot fight back and surely this is what the law is for? In a decent society we are their voice and it should be booming to those who want to exploit the most vulnerable.

The victim’s granddaughter Jade Wardle, 28, blasted the sentence, branding it ‘unbelievably lenient’. She said: ‘In showing the video of my granddad being conned by this person I want to send a warning to other people who have vulnerable loved ones. ‘Watching it made me sick to my stomach. It was horrible to see her shouting at him. She was really intimidating and her tone was just horrible and cruel. When I found out she wasn’t being jailed I was shocked. She’s still out there and could easily do this again. It just makes me really sad.’ (www.dailymail.co.uk).

I for one am fed up of opportunist low life like her doing this and during my previous working life I visited many dementia homes to put staff through their annual training, and to offer help and advice but I can honestly say that the staff I came across where angels and the best of us but not everyone wants to put their loved ones in a home. There is also the cost as it can be exuberant for health care for those suffering with dementia and it is often one of the other reasons why some stay at home, but home is home and we should be able to be safe in our own home.

Staying at home should not entail running the risk of meeting low life like her and if the legal system actually put the rights and needs of the victims first, and gave out the sort of sentences that would stop them in their tracks then maybe we would not read again and again of the elderly generation being mugged, burgled, attacked, violated or even murdered in some cases.

A lenient sentence sends the wrong signal as I do not believe this is the first time that woman did this and it won’t be the last so long as we have out of touch judges and a judicial system, and tomorrow no doubt I will read again at how this justice system has let down another vulnerable person. It seems the law is more concerned about the perpetrator rather than the victim and that is wrong on every level.

Time to demand a change.

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