Its all going wrong for Harry Markle.

Prince Harry has once again shown that he really is out of touch with the world and is losing his marbles slowly but surely.

We have had the endless salad word rubbish spoken by him and his wife and now he is telling us that we should wake up and do something good for the day for others, and then sit and put your feet up happy in the knowledge that you have. “am I going to do? I’m going to go and help my neighbour and I’m going to come back and then put my feet up and have a really good day. Yeah.”

Well ….. .let the ridicule begin.

prince harry

Harry has completely forgotten that mere mortals have to work for a living and of course we would like to help our neighbours. I actually like all of mine and if they need anything then of course they can have it, but there is that little matter of work coming between us.

Harry has once again shown how out of touch he is and is the poster boy for someone who has total privilege and has done all his life, and continues too as lets face it it is only that title that affords him the luxury he has, and he does not actually have to work.

For me, Harry has shown what he really is….a hypocrite.

We hear endlessly about saving the water from his 16 bathroom mansion. To save the planet and cut our carbon footprint whilst he has one of the biggest gas guzzlers to drive around in when not flying by private jet and living in a huge home for just the 3 of them, and then lecturing us on privilege when he himself comes from the greatest privileged families on the planet.

Yet that irony is lost on him as he is now a paid up member of the la la land club that seems to have taken to him so quickly and then there is the brattish outburst of being cut off by daddy in his mid 30s with only £30 plus million in the bank.

Harry needs to shut up about his family as the world knows that without that family and his title, his wife would never have looked at him, let alone marry him and he would of struggled to get a job in McDonalds. There would have been no Eton but a council school and left with pretty much nothing and no helicopter pilot for him……after all if he had not been born into the family he is trashing then the Head of the Armed Forces would not have insisted he got on the course as with his exam results….not a chance but he got it because its his grandmother. This same grandmother he is trashing everywhere. What ever happened to thank you and leaving it at that…….

He left the United Kingdom for la la land for privacy, so does us a favour Harry and take that privacy that we so desperately want you to have.

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