Still no visit to the border…

By the Vice President and no explanation why. The whole system has collapsed and the ones to blame are Biden, Harris and the Democrats. Every child, teenager and adult that dies is on their watch. Every family separated is on their watch and the spiralling costs to the taxpayer is on their watch. As forContinue reading “Still no visit to the border…”

President Trump is right about the origins of Covid….

President Trump stated that the Covid 19 Virus was the Chinese Virus and that it had come from China and what did the mainstream media do….they called him out on it. MSM such as CNN called him a racist, xenophobe and that was the polite names but oh wait……now they are saying….are you ready forContinue reading “President Trump is right about the origins of Covid….”

There needs to be legal charges aimed at the BBC, and the Princes sue those involved personally.

I like millions of others remembering watching Diana, the Princess of Wales discuss her unhappy marriage in an interview with Martin Bashir. I thought it was not a great career move after all the divorce rate is high in this country and it does not matter if you are a Prince or a pauper…when theContinue reading “There needs to be legal charges aimed at the BBC, and the Princes sue those involved personally.”

When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?

When will our out of date justice system and out of date judges actually start working to protect the elderly and the vulnerable? Again and again we read of those suffering with dementia who are targeted by low life scum like her who rob them and terrorise them, and these poor people who are alreadyContinue reading “When will the law start to protect our vulnerable elderly?”

The decline of President Biden is more and more prevalent.

Surely the United States of America wants to avoid becoming the laughing stock of the world, and they are because nobody in mainstream media or in the democratic party is accepting that Biden is impaired cognitively, and he really should be resting, getting help and not involved in stressful situations. The Middle East is beingContinue reading “The decline of President Biden is more and more prevalent.”

Maybe the activists will drop…

Their demands for defending the police which is a stupid argument to start with, and instead of blaming everyone else…..start fighting against black on black attacks as it is heartbreaking to see so many young people dying in London. Somehow I don’t think this will happen as it doesn’t suit their narrative, especially when youContinue reading “Maybe the activists will drop…”