What a surprise…China covering up..


Can we really say we are surprised that China has done cover up after cover up?

The Covid 19 virus started in China and shame on the WHO for being so easily conned, and producing that whitewash report. What a waste of trees to produce that rubbish. They might as well have just told China to put out their own report and sign it in WHO name.

China has a lot to answer for the millions this man made in the lab virus has killed.

Boycotting it and hitting the Communist State in the pocket is the only way. This virus I firmly believe is a weapon as let’s see who is the only country to benefit…. oh yes China.

It is for them an opportunity to build up their arsenal of weapons and to start empire building, especially whilst the rest of the world is trying to eradicate it.

Time to take down the Communist state before it is too late.


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