If you are a youngish person…

In the United States of America and were eagerly looking forward to the day when your student loan was written off, you have a long wait as it seems you fell for the oldest trick in the book.

Biden promised you the world to get in, then promptly about turned and decided nope….you are not getting the help he promised. After all he had your vote….he does not need you any longer as he might be decrepit, but he’s not stupid he knows he is not getting voted in again.

Now I know to call it lying means that he did it deliberately…oh what the hell Decrepit Joe lied to you to get your vote, and now you are stuck with a weak President and your student debt.

Not good is it….but you have the chance to learn a good lesson here, and that is if a politician offers you something to good to be true…..it is because they are lying to you to get your vote.

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