I think Donald Trump has a running mate for 2024..

The hypocritical Democrats telling BLM its OK to riot, loot, murder and burn down cities. If you do you get a permanent get out of jail free card to do it again…….

But oh my don’t demonstrate against Congress.

They deem you are the worst human being…and why are you worse than a murderer, looter, arsonist and rioter??? To the hypocritical bandwagon that is the Biden Government classes you worse because you are a Trump supporter.

Lets not forget the pathetically inadequate Vice President Harris demanding the riots continue until the day Trump left office. Pelosi and Walters dismissing the rioting, the murdering, the looting, the arson as just people practicing their freedoms.. and Decrepit Joe joined with the disgraceful politicians taking the knee, and refusing to condemn the violence.

Buyers remorse hit you yet America? If not it should have done….

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