If you are a youngish person…

In the United States of America and were eagerly looking forward to the day when your student loan was written off, you have a long wait as it seems you fell for the oldest trick in the book. Biden promised you the world to get in, then promptly about turned and decided nope….you are notContinue reading “If you are a youngish person…”

What a surprise…China covering up..

https://uk.news.yahoo.com/wuhan-lab-staff-sought-hospital-215837076.html Can we really say we are surprised that China has done cover up after cover up? The Covid 19 virus started in China and shame on the WHO for being so easily conned, and producing that whitewash report. What a waste of trees to produce that rubbish. They might as well have just toldContinue reading “What a surprise…China covering up..”

I think Donald Trump has a running mate for 2024..

The hypocritical Democrats telling BLM its OK to riot, loot, murder and burn down cities. If you do you get a permanent get out of jail free card to do it again……. But oh my don’t demonstrate against Congress. They deem you are the worst human being…and why are you worse than a murderer, looter,Continue reading “I think Donald Trump has a running mate for 2024..”

Remembering the mighty HMS Hood.

The dreadnought class type destroyer was launched the 22nd August 1918, and was the pride of the British Navy. She was sunk this day 80 years ago by the Bismark when a shell hit her ammunition store, killing all but 3 of her 1500 crew. HMS Hood sank in minutes with those brave men onContinue reading “Remembering the mighty HMS Hood.”