The Eurovision – why do we bother and even more…why do we pay?

It has become the standard joke now that the most appalling of acts will always win the Eurovision and this year they excelled themselves again, and Italy won with a rock band and where the United Kingdom did not even gain one point.

If people still think that this is not a political statement then wake up and smell the coffee, that’s if the dreadful singing did not put you to sleep already through boredom.

Damiano (pictured centre) has refuted the idea that he was taking cocaine, claiming the guitarist of the band Thomas Raggi (left) had simply broken a glass in the green room

Lets face it this is nothing to do with singing when it comes to the United Kingdom but the European Union deciding to show their “disgust” at us leaving.

I don’t really care which group comes first in this crapathon but what I don’t want is any more money from the United Kingdom going towards this. We know from year in and year out that we will get nowhere and it doesn’t matter which group or person we put in, they will still show their hurt fee fees and vote nil points. Maybe we in the United Kingdom should start to bet on our entry never get a point in any future competitions as it seems that has been decided again and again and that is even before they know our entry.

We need to do a Brexit out of the Eurovision Song Contest as it really is beyond predictable now and the only thing that bothers most of the people as I have said is we pay. Lets stop paying and see what they have to say then….bet we would start getting some points then as this is nothing more than an extension of the Brexit argument, and all they want is money from us.

Europe has never really had a great track record regarding modern music. I mean who could not wish to forget that awful band from Finland who won in 2006. The song if you can call it that was beyond awful.

Amazing how one of the countries who are really fed up with the EU and its tentacles is Italy and then wow….they win. Guess that will keep them quiet for a month or two….and lets not forget this very classy outfit from Germany.. Maybe the EU should have a singing competition in parliament as that will promote harmony….that is until they start their form of singing or whatever it was.

Time to tell the Eurovision that is it going the way of the EU and is fastly becoming a dodo and if the British organisers had any pride they would tell them to go away in a good old fashioned British way. Maybe we need to make Nigel Farage head of that campaign and watch with delight as he tells that what a dreadful entity it is.

Germany's entrant at Eurovision
Germany giving the finger…..

The only good thing about Eurovision is listening to Graham Norton and it is his cuttingly funny remarks that makes up for the cringeworthy programme, as to say it is dreadful is an understatement.

Time to say goodbye to the Eurovision as it is at least 30 years beyond its sell by date and dead in the water.

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