Planting….my Campanula Spring Bell Blue

Had a great day at Morrisons today as I picked up this gorgeous little plant for £3.  It is a Campanula and it is a gorgeous little flower and I am looking forward to planting it in the garden.

The Campanula is really one of those plants that is so easy to care for, and where with the right conditions the flowers will be spectacular.

The plants can tolerate the freezing weather but when towards the end of summer it is best to take a cutting and grow it in the house. 

These flowers love being in a full sun and in well drained soil, so dig a hole wide enough for all the roots etc and then plant away.  They only need watering a couple of times a week but don’t over do it, and they can survive through a drought although it might have a bit of an effect on the flowers themselves.  Where possible get into the habit of watering a couple of times a week.

The flowers don’t need a special soil and you don’t need to take the pH level as they are happy in most environments, but again prepare your soil before and add a little compost before you plant to give it a healthy start but not too much.

As I said this gorgeous little plant cost me only £3 and it will look stunning in the summer.

When the season is over de-head the flowers that are dying or died and cut back the plant slightly in the autumn.  This will give it a chance to grow to its potential, and taking a clipping will allow you to grow another one.

As with all plants please cover before the autumn starts to protect it from the winter and that can be done with the bark or shale that you can buy in a garden centre.

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