Ideas for a rockery….

Now that the wonderful gardening season is upon us, I have decided that the best use of space in my garden is to create a rockery as I think a centre piece would look really lovely in my garden. Mine is the size of the 3 neighbours but still not as big as some and I have tried to fill it with plants that would bloom lovely colours in Summer and heathers that would keep their colour all year round, but there is a gap where a very large planter once stood by a wall that is now a space and that needs filling.

The type of rockery I want is going to look like this…..

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Points of Sue’s potential rockery….

This would let me enjoy the lovely colours all year round, but for the border I have decided on the lavender colours as I think they are striking, and plan to use reds, whites and golds where possible.

Munstead English Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia 'Munstead'
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I think the blue and purple is a gorgeous colour and I am hunting for a purple blue rose bush as well as it is the only colour I do not have, so that is the so go to colour for my garden this year.

My son in law has kindly agreed to create this for me and I will be posting pictures on here. He is also going to build me a bar too…..guess he must like his mother in law.

When choosing the area to put in a rockery I have to make sure it had good drainage and the next stage is to find some very large rocks and good soil, but also some grit too. It won’t be something built overnight and the list of plants will be endless but that is half the fun…..all those lovely Alpine plants to look through is going to be a task I look forward too, but for those interested here are some other ideas for a design of a rockery.

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For a smaller garden.

This will be the must have design in one side of my garden and a great way for the grandchildren or children to get involved and they will get to chose the colours of the plants.

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One to design with the grandchildren. have some great flowers, shrubs and trees and it is well worth a look through and there are offers to go with your purchase. They have cottage garden flowers, Mediterranean flowers and wild flowers. For a gardener it is a site that you can spend a lot of time and lot of money picking but you won’t be disappointed.

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