Can it survive the Zeus stress test?

Like all dog owners I am always looking out for another new toy for my beloved JRT Zeus to play with.

Like any dog he sees a new ball and his tail starts wagging and he ends up barking like mad. He now rummages through the shopping bags to see what I have brought him home as he has me well trained. It is really sweet and I don’t like to disappoint him as he gets so excited, infact even the cats have started to pick up that trick too now.

Shop after shop is scoured in trying to find him a ball that he won’t destroy in a matter of minutes and it has been a mission of failure time after time after time….

Not today HURRAH… The Range was this little beauty below and it is quite expensive at £5.99 but I thought surely even Zeus can’t destroy that and I was right.

He was given this new ball some 8 hours ago and he has not managed to tear it pieces there is not one piece missing, he has not stopped the squeaky or his usual trick, leaving half a ball for people to find and the rest in bits on the lawn within the first 10 minutes. Infact the first ball I bought from Asda…an orange one…lasted for some 5 minutes……not good.

So, the more expensive ball has actually saved me money as this ball will last him a considerable time as the way it is designed he cannot get his teeth into it to rip it apart.

So, if you like me you have a dog that likes to rip balls to pieces then buy this delightful little object (if you can stand the squeaking), and I can guarantee you it is not money wasted.

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