This debate is one of the greatest…

If you ever listen to one debate make it this one. Stephen Fry was and is fantastic. He was passionate in his speech as to why the Catholic Church is NOT a force for good, and proves again what a great intelligent, interesting and talented individual he is.

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6 thoughts on “This debate is one of the greatest…

    1. I am actually a Catholic married to a Jewish man, and I believe the Catholic Church is NOT a force for good. After all….look at the wealth Christ had…NONE and look at the Vatican and all those billions and billions they have covered themselves with. The gold, the silks, the paintings, the buildings goes on and on….and then the child abuse. The Catholic Church has a bloody history and still is no better…. it is still interfering today…..


    1. You just cannot see that it is a great debate from a very educated man who sets it out in great detail of what is actually wrong with the church. If you care to listen to it, then you will see that he actually increases the number of people who agree with him…not lessen it, but like most people you like to change the subject to one that is not the actual point of this subject.


  1. Valid Point. But I think it is important that you are self aware enough to realise that you wouldn’t have thought the piece was appropriate if it was about Jews. You often talk about antisemitism and recently said that you count critising Israel and antisemitism…So its interesting that you have a very different standard regarding the Catholic Church


    1. I have no different standard and if the Jewish faith and its Rabbis acted I would call it out, but it doesn’t and have you heard the whole debate?


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