Blaming a minority for the problems of France will not end well.

It seems that everything that could wrong is going wrong for President Macron.  He seems to see himself as that great Emperor Napoleon but sadly falls very, very short of that and will now meet his Waterloo but it won’t be at the hands of the British.

You know your Presidency is in trouble when 20 semi-retired Generals send you a letter accusing you of letting down France and that there will be a civil war.  As anyone knows when you have lost the military, you have lost your leadership as you can only be as strong as those who are prepared to guard you and your country, and Macron has lost this.   I am however disappointed that these soldiers have chosen to use the religion of one group of people to vent their anger at, when in reality they need to vent it at the politicians who have sold their country down the river.  One of the most important reasons why people join the military is to protect freedoms and this includes the freedom of religion.

He is perhaps the only President of France to ever lost the respect of so many senior officers and his response….to threaten to jail the military officers and those who had retired to stop their pensions which will only enflame them more.  For a French President he has no idea of the freedoms that are expected by the French citizens and any threat made against one….is a threat made against all.

This has resulted in a further letter being sent to the President by the military and he needs to look in a mirror and understand he is losing the support of the military, and if he had any honour about him (which I highly doubt) he would resign so that France can recover, but he won’t.   France is now on the verge of a civil war and the one thing that people appreciate far more than a President, is those who have joined the military.

Although there has been protests and riots by the yellow vests for over a year now, not that the mainstream media would inform you as that does not suit their narrative, but the French people have been very unhappy with this President for a very long time, and the debacle at the port in Jersey where the fishing boats and two Naval ships scarpered has now put fuel on that fire of discontent.

I do not agree with the fact they feel that Macron has surrendered to the Islamists and that this is nothing more than a minority being picked on and for the wrong reasons, and that their unhappiness in what is happening is being blamed on others which is wrong. 

I still remain totally opposed to showing any pictures of the Prophet as it upsets those of the Muslim religion, and to do so deliberately shows a disrespect to the faith that so many hold so dear.  It is very much a case of respecting that people are allowed to practice their faith and that is one of the most important freedoms of France, or any country that allows freedoms.   French citizens expect their choices to be respected.  You do not have to like any particular religion, but that freedom of choice enables you to pick another religion, but at the same time you don’t have to be rude and insulting about others and their choices, and that is the problem I have with the letter.  It is unworthy of any military leaders in the free world and if you look at the real cause of the problem…it stops and starts with their President and the EU..

There has always been a problem with the EU and the interference from them and for a country and its leaders to allow others to take over their borders, their laws and their rights was always going to lead to a clash.  The fact that some are blaming the Islam faith for the woes that is happening in France is wrong, and it will just create more hate and more suspicion. 

This is pure and simple the interference of the EU and having unlimited movement.  It was always going to be that those moving illegally from other countries would have nowhere to go and the EU and the countries who signed up to Schengen should have been prepared for this, but as usual they are acting long after the situation has deteriorated, and you only have to see the mess that now litters the streets of what was once one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   This is lack of forward planning, lack of having a quota and lack of controlling your own borders.

Neither the people of Paris nor those who are illegal immigrants should have to live like this as it is a tinder box waiting to happen, either with breaking the law or outbreaks of illness. 

I think that the blame for this mess should also rest with the German Chancellor, who on finding out that the German Economy does not have enough people to help look after the elderly…opened the door not only on Germany but also for Europe, and it seemed that she did that without the agreement of the people of Europe,  I do however think that this shows the naivety of both the EU, the German Chancellor and the French President and they are all to blame for this, and the fact that nightly now somewhere in Paris is burning and being victims of rioting.

Macron must know that he is going to lose the 2022 elections and has now started to come over as tough on those who are illegal immigrants, but he is pointing the blame at the wrong people and it is nothing but a ruse.  He and the monstrosity that sits in Brussels are responsible for this and I can see it now that if the military continue to be disgruntled he will take up their cause, otherwise France will elect in their first female President.  I think the only good thing about getting Marie Le Penn is that France will exit the EU and the whole thing will come crashing down.  FREXIT.

However, until that point there is now the whole problem of what to do to prevent a civil war and this current President of France is weak, and he is has no honour and will do and say anything if he thinks that it will get him a vote.

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The riots of the Yellow Vests have gotten out of hand and when you have no control over rioting, you will find that there are others happy to join in to destabilise a country, and this is sadly what is happening in France today. A majority of French voters last month said they agree with the Generals who threatened a coup if Macron cannot prevent the rise of radical Islam, according to a poll.  In signs of a deepening chasm between the president and the electorate, a poll published last month by news channel La Chaine Info has found that 58 per cent supported the letter, while 42 per cent were opposed.   This is something that is quite disturbing as if you shake that bag of hatred, there is no going back, and it will not just be civil war but also a religious one and that will just grow larger and draw in more and more people.  It needs to be nipped in the bud now, and the fact that so many illegal immigrants are now in France needs to be addressed for both their sake and the sake of the French people. 

Failure to act will lead to death and bloodshed and nobody wants that.

It is not a radical rise in France as like everywhere you get the odd religious maniac but the fact that the people of France voted for a man who had no experience, and who gained the Presidency because they were fed up with the corrupt men that had always gained power in France and Macron has always been unable to carry the mantle of the President of France.  

Macron double crossed the previous President and came from nowhere and within a year had created a party and won the Presidency because the French thought he would make a difference, and he has not. Infact he has made things worse and the people of France know this. He was untried, untested and has moved from failure to failure and the people of France have paid for this, and like all people who need to try and understand the failures within their own country will always blame others. They need to look at the man who is their President.

France needs a new direction and they need to step away from the EU. Schengen has been an absolute disaster and the uncapped immigration has led to people looking for someone to blame and this is not the France that we have admired before now.

It is time to change those at the top as failure to do so will result in more rioting, more destruction and more deaths and it will be the innocent who will have to pay the price for the folly of President Macron, Chancellor Angela Merkel and the EU.

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