When the word racist is so yesterday…..

OK folks I have enjoyed most of the comments, but as usual get the few moronic ones calling me a racist….wow wonder how long it took then to come up with that!! Yawn…

So I decided to write down what my beliefs are as Point of Sue…..and they are below….

I welcome all those who are legally here and think they will be a great asset to this country regardless of race, colour or religion. Women and children fleeing persecution…of course we should take them……but not the very able men that seems to be tipping up, and who should go home and fight for their land.

I believe that every consenting adult has the right to love and if that is the same sex, then great. No one should have the right to dictate who you can and cannot love. I will always back LGBT rights as love is love.

I believe paedophiles should not be anywhere in society….

We should bring back capital punishment for those who murder especially when the victims are children, police officers and through acts of terrorism.

I believe in longer, harsher sentences for law breakers .

Prisoners should NOT have the vote, and the voting age should remain at 18.

Parents should discipline their kids more and teach them the word NO.

I do not believe in pandering to the woke or any other organisation wanting to rip up our history.

I am super proud of our British history and of the achievements this small island has made throughout the centuries.

I love our heritage and support the Monarch and sing Rule Britannia, Land of Hope and Glory and Jerusalem at the top of my dreadful voice.

I love seeing the Union Flag and am proud to be British and a Veteran.

I stand by the oath I swore to Her Majety and Her Majesty’s heirs.

I fully support the efforts to resolve the Human rights abuses around the Rohingyas and the Uighurs….both Muslim minorities and often blog about them.

I believe and respect that transgender people have a right to be who they want to be, and fully support that decision.

My parents are mum and dad….

I am a she and hubby is he….no bloody pronouns for me thank you.

If you come through Europe that you are not a refugee, but an economic migrant and you should be returned to Europe. We are not and never have been part of Schengen.

I do not believe in Socialism but Capitalism as socialism is spending money till it runs out….then what?

I respect the police and law and order.

I respect our armed forces.

I respect those brave people who went out in the pandemic risking their lives, so we didn’t have too.

I am polite to people and its called respect….something that is badly lacking in this permanently offended victimhood climate.

I voted Brexit.

I am a Conservative and support and like Boris Johnson, but more so Jacob Rees Mogg.

I support Israel and Jewish people totally.

I detest anti semetics.

I believe that people should be able to worship whatever religion they want too, but that door swings both ways and no one religion should have an advantage over others. All religion should be respected and it would be impertinent of me to think and say otherwise.

I believe that universities are too woke and it is starting to have a serious effect on our future generation.

I believe in free speech especially at universities.

I believe that cancel culture is wrong, it is abusive and it is a creeping menace.

I like Donald Trump….he didn’t start any wars..

I believe in this sovereign nation and all that this sceptered Isle stands for…..

I believe in the Union of our Kingdoms but wish Nichola Sturgeon didn’t have to appear on TV.

Now I wonder how many of you would be so open…..

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2 thoughts on “When the word racist is so yesterday…..

  1. You can’t say you support trans rights and then say you don’t like pronouns… Which are a vital part of trans rights and self acceptance
    Men can’t be persecuted or want to flee war according to your article or you don’t care if they do.
    JRM doesn’t support Gay rights, trans rights or woman’s rights so your support for him seems to go against your beliefs.
    Woke literally means caring for minorities or the oppressed so what does pandering to them mean.. Do-nothing and ignore it?
    You support Israel totally irrespective of it’s governments actions including in Sheikh Jarrah?
    You think that not being supportive of Israel is anti Semitic?

    Hi Susan,
    Just wanted some clarity


    1. Thank you for your comment Mary and I most certainly can support and do support trans rights and if you care to read through my statement, I said no pronouns for me and not once did I say that trans people did not have the right to it. In my grown-up world people have the right to address themselves how they wish just as I have the right to be addressed how I wish. It seems the only intolerant one on that subject is you by wanting to deny me my right to defend the trans people because of something you disagree with.

      As for fleeing war…what do you suggest happens then? The invasion from the West? To get their country back we go to war and listen to the endless whinging of people like you saying it is nothing more than a crusade, so my argument is send them back to fight for it themselves as your country is worth fighting for, or do you disagree on that and would sooner send other people’s children to fight for a country that has nothing to do with them, and where the upshot will create further terrorism. Sometimes I really wonder about the sanity of some people.
      There is only so long you can run before you have to face reality and fight. I was brought up by a father who at the age of 16 went to fight in WW2 and are you suggesting he was wrong and should have fled? Again, you did not read the article where I said that I welcome legal migrants but not those who are economic migrants as if you have not noticed, the majority are men…young men who have passed through Europe and I understand that your recollection of history might be a bit rusty, but I can assure you that the numerous countries they went through in Europe are safe and not at war.

      Let us pretend what you say is true and that they are fleeing from the Middle East via Europe, that can only mean that they have left the women and children in the very place they found dangerous. Is that your idea of fair? I said in my statement that above all yes we should take the women and children … but yet it is continually only majority men but what about the women and children who have had to stay? Who is protecting them from the very thing these men are supposed to be fleeing from? Do their lives not matter to you? Is it perfectly acceptable to you that these men have deserted the women and children in the most dangerous of situations and a war with no end? Guess your sympathy does not extend to those who really are the most vulnerable.

      I support Jacob Rees Mogg because he is a brilliant politician and a great speaker of the House. I do not judge him because of his religion. It is impertinent of you to think that and I have to ask do you have a problem with Catholics because of their beliefs? That is certainly a form of racism when you have an issue with people because of the belief in their faith. If you had cared to look Mr Rees Mogg does not inflict his beliefs on the country, and they remain his belief and this country affords him the freedom to that, and it seems that you are the one who is intolerant. Just because you are woke, does not mean that you can get away with spouting what could be construed as hate towards someone of a different religion. Tut tut…that is not nice at all.

      I care for minorities, but I do not need your kind of wokism rammed down my throat as your intolerance is breath-taking. I have for a number of years now been fighting for the rights of the Rohingya in Myanmar and the Uighurs who are in concentration camps in China. It seems to the likes of people like you that only a certain people are minorities who need help whilst ignoring those who are truly persecuted and adding again that someone like me should not have the right to want their release, security, and a homeland free of harassment and the right to live the way they want to due to their religion. Not very woke of you now is it.

      As for the Jewish people and Israel, yes I do believe that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. Have we not seen time and time again those who supported Jeremy Corbyn and those on the left use the excuse that they are not criticising Israel whilst really through the back door committing the foulest of bullying against Jewish members and for which they rank alongside the BNP and were called out on for it? There are still Labour MPs who sit in the houses of parliament who write disgusting tweets or like tweets that are anti-Semitic. So, yes when it comes from the Left it is anti-Semitic.

      It never stays at just Israel and you are again being disrespectful to one of the most persecuted of people this planet has known. Two thousand years the Jewish people have been persecuted and murdered, and there are people alive today who witnessed this persecution in their lifetime. They witnessed the murder of their mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins in modern times and you do not acknowledge that, instead you bring up Sheikh Jarrah without adding to the fact that Hamas fired rockets against innocent Israelis, and the Palestinian terror group has a favourite target…Jewish schools and cafes, yet you say so little about that and Palestine along with Iran are determined to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

      You criticise Israel yet say nothing of Palestine. Palestine had a free and fair election and voted in Hamas. A terrorist organisation who when taking overpower promptly cancelled all elections and who murder all those who oppose them and I noticed you said nothing on that, and do you really expect Israel to deal with a terrorist organisation?

      You can help those who genuinely need help without having some leftist BS shoved down your throat, and where someone such as you call them out on it because it does not suit your narrative. Again, intolerance as you refuse to accept that they can help and all because it is a different thought than yours. It seems that the only intolerance is from your side and certainly not mine.

      Maybe the problem is you and your intolerance to those who think and act different from you. You do not tolerate freedom of thought; you do not tolerate freedom of religion and you do not tolerate a person who thinks and acts according to their beliefs. I accept people and their religion for what they are, but it seems you do not. I accept that women and children in areas of conflict should be offered support to get away from the situation, but I do not support able bodied men scarpering as quickly as their legs can take them to a free and cosy life here, whilst ignoring the plight of their own people.

      There is obviously a problem here, and that problem is you and the double standards you have in life. It seems that you have a faux outrage whilst being so intolerant to others yourself. Maybe you need to book yourself in for some training as failing to accept that there are fundamental differences in people and their right to free thought, their right to accept others as they want too, and the fact that you dismiss people so easily when they offer help, support and comfort based purely on your narrative, and then there is your failure to accept their religion which surely is hate in itself.

      I am sure you do not want to be known as an intolerant hateful person nor branded a racist, and may I suggest that you yourself actually learn tolerance of a person’s right to choose how they want to help people without you dictating otherwise. You need to learn tolerance for a person’s right to their own religion and a person’s right to be known how they want to be known without it affecting the much-needed help and support they give to people and do so without any gain, but purely because they respect their wishes and certainly do not make it all about your shallow narrative.


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