I support the police…

Especially the Americn Police force as I wonder how many times a day they have to be nice to bigoted, racist morons like the one on the video?

It’s scary that this racist bigot is a teacher!!! My god standards have dropped and I feel really sorry for the kids of today. When they leave the intolerant, police hating, racist education system they hit the real world….what a shock to find out the bigotry and racism rubbish spouted by their teachers is not real….

There will be a generation of kids needing therapy to cope with the real world, as what they are being taught is nothing but child abuse.

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5 thoughts on “I support the police…

  1. Hi Susan,
    May I enquire why all the of the links you embed are all from publications with right wing biases. Sky news Australia, Fox News, Daily Express and so on…. Do you feel uncomfortable reading neutral literature or do you just like your views parroted back to you


    1. You must of misread the title that says POINTS OF SUE…..neutral literature…what like the Guardian…πŸ˜…πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ€£. Do be brief….I like real news and news that doesn’t lie and Spin.


  2. The point I was making was that the news you get is biased..not how you decide to report it


    1. It is not bias in my view but rather the leftist news and the so called natural news make a calculated decision to NOT show when the police are harassed, or are the good guys. They go for baiting more violence against the police. As I called it… they dabble in lies and Spin and I have no time for it.


    2. It is like all areas of news…it supports one way and not the other. I do not support any left leaning newspapers, do not support wokism and their views are aligned with mine. I understand you think opposite but everyone has a choice to pick which side. That one is mine.


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