Warrington voted for the duds….again.

I like many of you are now seating back and watching the Labour party tearing itself apart after a dismal showing in the elections, and I have to confess that I actually voted for the Independent candidate in the Warrington area but I did vote for two Tory candidates as well…as my hand doesn’t even quiver over the Labour vote…it is a straight forward no as Socialism and I have absolutely nothing in common. Socialism is spending other’s money until there is none left and that leads me straight onto the Warrington Labour Councillors who control the council.

Imagine the disappointment of knowing that yet again after the local elections we are now stuck with the majority same dud councillors that we had before the election.

Warrington Town Hall

In my area we have 3 councillors who have really done nothing and who when we were flooded out were nowhere to be seen. The lady who was the independent Beth Trainer was getting things together like accommodation, hot food, replacement white goods, chairs, TVs etc. She was contacting companies in the area to get them to donate to those who were in need, and even got the people who were not affected by the waters but who lived in the area to make hot meals. She went round personally checking on the area day after day and the local councillors…..nowhere to be seen.

She has continued to help those who are most in need and has started a charity that helps those who have nowhere else to turn, and yet again….the councillors missing.

During the floods there was no interaction from the councillors apart from a PR shot of one of them packing food a couple of days later. I know it was not on the day or the day after as you could not get in or out and they did nothing to help. Whilst this area was cut off, Beth was getting all the help together so that she could get into action the minute it was cleared.

People offered to help because it was her. People picked and delivered furniture, took away the rubbish, arranged for skips (bearing in mind the good councillor were doing nothing), and she even managed to find somewhere to store everything for those who would need them at a later date. Basically, this lovely woman is truly an angel and what makes me disappointed is that those in this area took all the help from her but so few voted for her. I know Beth will do it all again because she is as I have said a beautiful soul, but the gratitude of the people in the area was left seriously wanting….as they voted in the people who did nothing. That is definitely the definition of insanity.

Councillor Russ Bowden and in his inept team have taken this town to the point of bankruptcy and the madness is that by voting them in again, the people have given him and his team the go-ahead to put through their outrageous plans to finish off the town for good by bankrupting us as their investments fall short every time, and we are the ones who have to pay for this. Their continued poor choices will eventually cost us dear in this town.

Services will be cut and these include the help for those most in need…children, the disabled and the elderly. There would be no choice because how can a town with only 210,000 people carry a debt of £1.6 billion and rising? There has to be something that gives and the services offered by the council will be the first and no doubt we will hear the bleating again and again that it is the fault of central government, when we know that it is in actual fact their fault and their poor investments.

I know it is democracy and I accept that the majority in the town voted these people back in, although why for the life of me I do not know why and no doubt as the council tax goes up nearly 5% and the services are cut… they will be the first ones to start moaning and I cannot wait for the day I say I told you so….

Until then I have created a website where I plan to scrutinise everything this council does as I am determined they will not lead us down the path to bankruptcy and can only hope that the Government step in before they do. We already see so little for the large amounts they charge and it will only get worse but they did manage to vote themselves an increase on their expenses….so they are alright I guess and they did manage that.

One of the major issues with the campaigning was that we HAD NO FLYERS FROM THE TORY PARTY, nor the Liberal Democrats. Now don’t get me wrong the Labour councillors kept true to themselves and actually never came to the area to knock on doors, but instead their flyers full of lies and spin was posted through our doors and whilst I ripped apart every claim, there are many who didn’t and believed the rubbish that they were writing.

The most outrageous lie and spin was when they stated they would sort out of the flooding….well they did nothing last year and now that they are back in, I expect them to do nothing as they have the votes and can ignore us until the voting comes around again, but they did get their loyal foot soldiers to post it through the door (mine went in the bin), but they did do it.

So, note to Tory party…if you want people to vote it might be a good idea to actually let them know what you are about.

It was quite telling when I posed the question to over 900 people ….”when was the last time you saw the councillors in the area2? Now this was purely for the people in the area and not one of them could remember. Infact, I actually had to look up who the area counsellors were.

There was the usual PR spin of them outside the local hub that is now being built some 5 years late with the line of getting it done. That was actually other funding and not the council funding and they only had to rubber stamp it….still I guess 5 years is better than none but please don’t take actual credit for something you didn’t do, and come the opening day I will of course bring it to the attention of the crowd there and that will be my first video podcast. After all we have to start trusting politicians as they are known for not being open and honest and I would hate for them to actually not be truthful with the people present., so I plan to ask them questions in front of the crowd purely for journalistic means and to add to the website I have created.

It is so important now more than ever to keep an eye on what these councillors are doing especially as the threat of bankruptcy is getting bigger and bigger everyday. It now seems that we have to police our councillors and prevent them from doing anything that will cost us. After all, the only benefit seems to be the directorship or two that seems to materialise with our forced investments which are of course scooped up by the councillors themselves.

I will be making a FOI request to find out just where the payments for these directorships go as this is our money…not theirs and it should go straight into the town coffers. Won’t believe it until I actually see it in black and white. and again all of this will be on the new website and open for people to scrutinise which is more than the councillors do.

My aim is to get this council to stop spending recklessly and to actually put the town at the forefront of their roles and not their egos and they need to stop the financial incursions on our behalf. It is no good waiting for the local newspaper to write about it as they are so pro Labour that they are actually becoming a laughing stock, and it is not unusual for them to bury Labour news on a bank holiday or refuse to allow comments…so it is time to do it ourselves and tell the council that their method doesn’t work and we cannot afford these continual high risk investments, and it now needs to stop…JUST STOP.

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4 thoughts on “Warrington voted for the duds….again.

  1. Or Maybe the majority of your community approve and like the labour council… or do you reckon the vote has been rigged


    1. There is a fightback as there is a larger opposition now more than ever, but it takes time to get people out of the mentality that they vote this way because their parents did. It takes time for people to learn the error of their ways….probably when the inept council bankrupt the town….and then the wailing will start….


  2. That is your opinion which is fair enough… But I don’t think you can project that on to Warrington and claim to know what the voters are thinking and why the vote how they do


    1. I am part of a group of nearly a thousand people and I do know that they are disappointed and the fightback is there and we will rid this town of the inept labour led council


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