This is spot on on why Labour keep losing…

Might be worth pointing this out to Keir Starmer….

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2 thoughts on “This is spot on on why Labour keep losing…

  1. Yawn yawn…when you have no argument resort to insults. Go away little man….just shoo and take your idiotic thoughts with you…


  2. Also I would like to point out that there could of been consequences aimed at my grandchildren over the vile lies that some cockroach was threatening to put about in my area. Lies and more lies…and I took the choice not for fear of being called a racist or fascist because I quite frankly don’t care what obnoxious left woke idiots think of me. Their opinion has to matter to be of concern and they don’t matter, but rather the potential threat against my grandchildren due to the lies.

    I guess it’s OK to the intolerant left when there is an increased risk and threat to children with disabilities. It says more about them than me….


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