Its Civil War

Seems the Labour party, well Keir Starmer has now decided to devour its own to shift the blame and the first casualty is Angela Rayner.

The Manchester MP was removed by the leadership the day after Sir Keir said he would personally take the blame for a series of reverses on Thursday that included losing in Hartlepool for the first time in half a century.
Newly discovered enemies.

Rayner has been fired as the Party Chairman and the blame for Hartlepool has landed on her desk. Yet didn’t Starmer say he was to blame? Surely he should have resigned if he was to blame for their pitiful showing?

True to form someone else gets the blame.

The defenestration of the party’s most senior woman – who represents a Northern seat – from a key role is likely to spark a backlash from all sides of the party. One usually supportive Labour MP said: ‘Not the best idea. She has been useless in the campaigning role, but then so has his own office.’  and a frustrated moderate MP said: ‘His office is full of political incompetents who act like they are in an edition of the West Wing without any political antenna. They make no attempt to connect with the PLP and think elected politicians are an inconvenience.’ 

Meanwhile from the left of the party former shadow chancellor John McDonnell piled in. ‘Keir Starmer said yesterday that he took full responsibility for the election result in Hartlepool & other losses. Instead today he’s scapegoating everyone apart from himself. This isn’t leadership it’s a cowardly avoidance of responsibility,’ he tweeted.

Andy Burnham has now thrown his hat into the ring as he has decided to start talking leadership challenge. Now he might have scored the woke votes in Manchester but there was not really a high attendance. He gained 473,000 votes out of a turnout of 700,000 , but the population of Greater Manchester is 2.5 million….so the London Mayor gained below 20% of the population vote, and it seems to have gone to his head and he now thinks he is a viable threat to the leader of the Labour party.

I am of course delighted by this constant infighting by Labour and Andy Burnham was rejected twice for the leader and yet the delusions of these people is staggering. He actually thinks he can take over the Labour party in the future and win a General Election. Excuse me whilst I fall about laughing. Do they actually think a random ex Northern MP can lead the party?

If the decision was too run then no doubt a safe seat will be made available for him to parachute himself into and take it from there. If he had any merit about him, he would take on an unsafe seat and win it but then we are talking politicians here and they don’t do that.

Stick to the Mayoral job Mr Burnham and leave the Labour politics to……………………………….hmm……………………….nope cannot think of anyone to be honest who can actually take on the Labour party.

I read a story today that when both Starmer and Rayner went up to Hartlepool, nobody knew who they were and nobody wanted to meet them and yet they still did not get it. People just cannot take to him or her and Starmer cannot sack her as deputy leader as she was voted into that role. Oh dear Keir…you have used her as a scapegoat and still have to work with her.

The BBC brought out the usual Labour politicians that few like such as Diane Abbott, John McDonnell and Adonis and they wonder why this party is not trusted by the people. Nothing says you understand the people like Starmer doesn’t when he is wanting to bring out Yvette Cooper. Copper along with the other condescending MPs spent 3 years calling Brexiteers racist gammon, idiots, not understanding what we voted for..etc etc. Yep Starmer really gets what the people want.

The next Labour Prime Minister is not amongst the woke in the Labour party and until they get rid of the likes of Starmer, Abbott, Butler, McDonnell, Burgon and the others who talk down to us, they will continue to have no idea of what the public want and have no idea of what makes us tick, and they will continue to be a fringe opposition. They will have no power and become more pitiful as the time goes on.

By the way someone should tell Starmer that moving to the North does not make him anymore electable, it just leaves us with yet another huge bill to pay for the rent on a house he uses whilst trying to convince us he is one of us. In his dreams….again he has no idea.

The Labour party of old is what is needed now. Those who were not woke as it really gets on the pip of the voters and those who actually want to help the nation and not themselves. They need a Labour party that will not take the knee to an organisation hell bent on rioting and mass disorder, and one that actually listens as this current lot are not capable of listening, understanding or knowing what it is the electorate want.

Instead they virtual signal all the time and pandering to the woke and the metropolitan cities whilst ignoring those very people that used to vote for them was never a vote winner. Starmer and his crop of MPs will continue to show that the Labour party have no hope of being elected as people can see through them, their sneering and patronising and the results of this speak for themselves.

The next couple of days are going to get very interesting with the Labour party as there will be the sackings and egos bruised, and then they will be waiting retribution and start to act against Starmer in an attempt to bring him down. They definitely eat their own.

As I keep saying grab the popcorn its going to be epic.

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