Keir Starmer is already getting his excuses together.

Sir Keir Starmer is busy today as he is already making his excuses for what will be a dismissal showing in the local elections, the by-election, and the mayoral elections taking place across the country.

He is already bleating that he needs more time to bring the party together.  He has not realised that one of the biggest problems with the Labour Party is the current Labour Leader.  People have just not warmed to him and his popularity continues to fall.

The Prime Minister has taken over a party, dealt with Brexit, had a pandemic hit and where he nearly died and then trying to keep the country going during the pandemic and ensuring as many people as possible did not lose their jobs.  He also had to sell us on the World Stage, deal with the tantrum throwing EU and get trade deals signed.  He has had issues with the PPE, and I will be the first to say it was bad, but the PM still dealt with it, the track and trace but then the Government sourced and purchased enough Vaccines to get everyone in the country vaccinated, and also for the booster in the winter….so yeah you could say he has been busy.

Starmer has been……………………….not busy.

He is not called Captain Hindsight for nothing and he does not seem to have the ability to get through to the working class.   The Labour party are no longer the party of the coal miners, the minimum wage people and those who need a better start.  Instead, you have a multi-millionaire who likes to think that he will automatically get the vote of the working class whilst really showing he has never been one of them.

The MPs who are teetering on the Red Wall up North have all said that there must not be a M25 orbital MP as they continue to be detached, and the party ignored this at their peril.

It is not likely to be a good day for Starmer as talking to people who were now voting totally different, they do not like Starmer and do not like the Labour party, and what it has become under the previous leader and the current one. Not fit for purpose was the comments I had quite often.

A lot of people feel he is somewhat smarmy and unlikeable and let us face it that was a cheap trick to pose at a wallpaper shop to mock the Prime Minister and one which backfired on him totally, as people thought that surely a Labour leader has better things to do with himself than nasty, cheap shots.  Not many people care that it could have been a tory donor who paid…..Tony Blair and Gordon Brown had their paid for by the taxpayer….

See the source image
Starmer and his cheap shot.

There is also the internet and social media as without it we the voters would never have known about Starmer’s role as the Director of Public Prosecutions DPP at the CPS and the poor running of that.  It actually only hit 12% of satisfaction under Starmer, and people just do not trust him as the law-and-order guy as he called himself.


This law-and-order Labour leader actually sued the British Government for and on behalf of IRA terrorists and ISIS terrorists.  The IRA ones were injured whilst trying to escape…. you could not make this up.  He also stopped the investigations into the raping of girls by Muslim gangs and refused to prosecute Jimmy Saville.

But there are some cases he appears to have airbrushed out of his CV – including representing convicted IRA terrorists who staged a botched jailbreak in which a prison guard was shot, and then sued for injuries they sustained. The break-out included Liam McCotter, convicted IRA terrorist in prison for conspiracy to cause explosions, Gilbert ‘Danny’ McNamee, who was convicted and subsequently acquitted over the IRA Hyde Park bombing, and Andrew Russell, an armed robber serving 20 years for crimes that included hijacking a helicopter. The legal challenge cost the British taxpayer £500,000 and saw McNamee awarded £5,000 and Russell £2,500 in damages.

He also teamed up with a notorious human rights lawyer to free a suspected Iraqi terrorist who plotted to bomb British troops in Iraq In 2006, Starmer represented Hilal Al-Jedda, detained in a British facility in Basra under suspicion of ‘recruiting terrorists outside of Iraq with a view to the commission of atrocities there’. .

Al Jedda, who had dual British and Iraqi citizenship, was also detained for helping a known terrorist explosives expert travel to Iraq and conspiring with him to target coalition forces around Fallujah and Baghdad. He was also believed to have conspired with an Islamist terror cell in the Gulf to smuggle detonation equipment into Iraq.

Acting under the instruction of Public Interest Lawyers, a now defunct firm run by disgraced human rights lawyer Phil Shiner, Starmer headed the legal team which sued the Government over a breach to Al-Jedda’s human rights. In 2007 the House of Lords ruled the detention of the suspected terrorist was lawful, but that ruling was then overturned in 2011 by the European courts. Has Keir Starmer REALLY spent a lifetime seeking justice underdogs? – All World Report

If that is someone getting tough on law and order…. then we in this country are seriously in trouble.

Then there was the publicity stunt of him and his deputy leader taking the knee.  True leaders do not capitulate to those who are hell bent on rioting, wrecking, and destroying our country.  They do not take the knee to an organisation that wants to strip us of our heritage, and this is what Starmer did.  He has showed again and again that that he cannot be trusted and that he is no strong leader and one of the things we British like to see in our leaders is a strong attitude, and Starmer has none of that

 Sir Keir Starmer knelt alongside his deputy Angela Rayner
This is how Labour Leaders capitulate.

There is also the shadow front bench and what a bunch of misfits they are.  They are also very wealthy people who are again trying to convince the working population that they understand the daily struggles they go through.  It is laughable.

Starmer promotes people who tell young white girls who have been raped and abused to keep quiet for the sake of diversity, there is another one who threatens to stab Corbyn not in the back but in the front and said so in Parliament, and another one who the demented looney left is naming as a potential leader who has posted anti-Semetic tweets.   There is of course the apologies after being caught out but we all know what Labour think of the Jewish people, they are the only ones to be investigated alongside the BNP.   You would expect to see the majority of them on a wanted poster.

Then we have the Brexit debacle and this one is on Starmer and still the Labour party are not accepting the fact that we have gone, moved on, exited the EU and yet they bleat again and again to re-join.  Infact Starmer himself told Parliament that it was reckless to leave the European Medicines Agency (despite him saying he did not…tut tut Keir…. should not speak untruths in Parliament), and then spouting that they want us closely aligned, taking the EU rules so on and so forth, despite the fact that the majority of Labour leaders voted out.  The arrogance of this Labour leader thinking he knows better than most was never more so glaring at this point.

Image result for starmer supporting Jeremy corbyn
Starmer and Corbvyn

Who was the architect of the catastrophic Brexit policy, to back a second referendum aimed squarely at negating 17.4million Leave votes? Starmer.

Who campaigned loyally for Corbyn to become Prime Minister? Starmer.

Others refused to work alongside the antisemitic Marxist fool. Not Starmer.

He wanted him in No10 right to the end. Labour and its middle-class graduate fanbase consider other voters thick.

All summed up Keir Starmer is not and never will be the choice of the people. Keir Starmer cannot shirk his lion’s share of the blame for Labour’s misfortunes (

In my own town there has been an interesting campaign and that is to get the majority enjoyed by the Labour councillors taken off them.  We in our small town have 5 times the amount of debt as that of Wigan and we have tens of thousands of people less. We have the fifth highest debt in the country.  The council has decided that they are not answering questions and will actually get the police on you and thanks to the media and the new groups that have sprang up and the big push towards the independents, there is actually a chance that through the people voting their disgust at the Labour party that we could actually end up with a no overall control council and put a stop to their continued spending spree that is forcing us to bankruptcy.  So far that is £1.6 billion and expected to raise to £2.3 billion if they carry on.

The dissatisfaction of the voters here will be mirrored by millions of others  in this country as we cannot trust Labour.  We cannot trust that Labour will do what is necessary and keep this country safe.  We cannot even trust the Council in this area to keep our budget safe.  It doesn’t help their cause when the Warrington North MP and the Council Leader have both been referred to the Electoral Commission, and that should be quite an interesting story when all the facts have come out. Will look forward to the resignations then…….

All that Labour can do is poke fun and be rather snotty in their attitude towards the Prime Minister and voters do not like that.  We know that due to the forward thinking of our Government, we have the vaccine and yes I am the first one to admit that the saga with the PPE was wrong but there are lessons to learn from it, and all Labour could do at the time was take the knee to BLM and allow its MPs to join in the rioting as Starmer did nothing to stop his race baiting MPs….such as Dawn Butler from trying to discredit the police.

The whole of the Labour party is really shambolic and Starmer is not the man to lead it.  It would have been far better for the party if they had had a good look at the MPs they do have and pick someone different, as Starmer is the man who stood with Corbyn and refused to believe he was anti-Semetic, he stood with Corbyn and refused to accept  that the public had made the choice and that we wanted out of the EU, and he refused to believe that this country would vote for Boris Johnson and it showed the stupidity of the Labour party then, and it shows their stupidity now as nothing has changed.

The leader might have changed but their vile policies and their attitude towards the working class has not and this is where Starmer will come unstuck.  He has no idea of what the Northern holds are like and the party itself cannot comprehend that the public are fed up with London orbiting MPs who run the party. 

There are now suggestions for Zarah Sultana to snatch the leadership from Starmer because she is the preferred choice of the looney left, Jewish bashing, British hating members of the Labour party who think control the party because they like to bully others into agreeing with them….well me personally I would be delighted if she got in….especially when she comes up with real gems like this?

Labour candidate Zarah Sultana came under fire on Monday after it was revealed that she said she would ‘celebrate’ the deaths of Tony Blair and Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Zarah Sultana, who is standing for Coventry South, also wrote of her support for ‘violent resistance’ by Palestinians and used the hash tag ‘extremistmuslim’ online. 

Zarah Sultana – the Anti Semite

Another delightful post was referring to a Jewish student Miss Sultana wrote: ‘I can’t believe this YT (that’s code for Whitey) thinks she can represent us.’

It seems the Labour left socialists think this horrid anti semite will appeal to the people and I hope they continue with their delusions of grandeur as I couldn’t think of anyone more appalling to put in the post of Leader. The Labour party are now the secret weapon of the Tory party as every time they do something, it drives more and more of us to vote Conservative or in some cases Independent, but never ever Labour as not one of them is worthy to even sit in Parliament, are not fit to run councils and certainly not fit to be any form of police and crime commissioner.

So are we watching the slow death kneels of the Labour party.? So grab your popcorn and wait for the comedy that will be Starmer’s excuses over the next couple of days.

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6 thoughts on “Keir Starmer is already getting his excuses together.

  1. Yes, because Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson is a man of the working class.
    Get a grip Susan


    1. Not much of an argument if all you can go on is his name…..which by the way he had no control over. As for Boris being a man of the people …an 80 seat majority says more so than Jeremy Bernard Corbyn or Keir Starmer. Dont know anybody working class named Keir …do you?


  2. Not about the name Susan, I reckon its the fact he is a London born Eton educated, Oxford graduate born into wealth and has never lived anywhere north of Islington….


    1. Keir Starmer is wooden. He comes across as insincere, unlikeable and jumping on any band wagon. Strong leaders do not take the knee. I have commented more than once that I can’t be a socialist….not rich enough.


  3. Boris Johnson is the most insincere politician in the UK period. Strong leaders can take the knee if they want to…this isn’t a war.
    Socialism is about spreading wealth not containing it within a very very rich few. Most people could benefit from a move way from end stage capitalism


    1. That is where you are totally wrong….weak take the knee and give into riots and rioters. As for Socialism….doesn’t your socialist leader have TWO multi million pounds houses and land worth £10 million? In your socialist utopia who pays? When they have spent all the money available…who pays? YOU?? Capitalism pays for the socialists dream and their la la world but in the meantime it is the real world we live and socialism has never and will never work as working people cannot afford to be socialists….that is only for the rich.


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