What is it about Trump and his family that makes people scream, shout, and pull out their hair??

What is it about Donald Trump and his family that sends people reaching for the smelling salts?  Why do they seem to do the impression of the dying fly on the floor with the screaming and wailing?  It can be quite hilarious to see the outrage at one man and his family and you have to question……are they insane?

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Donald Trump

We have those who even now state that Trump was “not my President” or chose to ignore the Trump era between Obama and Biden and that is rather childish on their part, especially because they are the first to jump down people’s throats when they say Biden is not President either.  The level of hypocrisy is breath-taking.

There have been thousands of leftist journalistic opinions on the Presidency of Donald Trump compared to that of Obama and when you defend Trump it seems that people get riled up and take offence at even his name, but their argument is so weak and of no real importance because in a free world we are able to pick the person we want. 

We have all watched the endless rioting in the States because of the left being outraged over Trump, yet Biden is in the Whitehouse and still the towns and cities are still being vandalised.  So, are they still outraged at Trump or outraged at Biden who is continuing Obama’s policies?

Obama and Biden

Millions and millions of people voted for Trump so are the lefties trying to say they are all racist?  Even those of colour who voted for Trump.  Are they racist because they just happened to like a man who is not a politician?  According to those who scream the loudest they are wrong in their defence and that voting for the person they thought would get the job done….is racist.  It would be laughable if it were not so destructive as we know that the likes of Maxine Walters, Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris openly told people to carry on protesting well rioting, stealing, arson etc even after the November election because that suited their narrative of causing so much pressure on President Trump, and these same persons were calling for police to be defunded putting lives at risk and resulting in a massive spike in rapes, murders, abuse, burglary etc.  One of those who did this is the Mayor of Portland who openly joined the rioters and criticised the police, but now because he achieved what he wanted, he is demanding they stop. 

This is a classic example of politicians jumping on a bandwagon and then discarding it when no longer needed, and discarding the people too……

Maxine Walters who joined the mob at the Derek Chauvin trial demanded a guilty verdict or there would be a riot.  Not many people know that she actually demanded a police escort the whole time she was there.  Funny how they want the police to look after their persons and demand more security for themselves, but who wants to leave the average taxpayer with nothing but a state run by thugs.

Maxine Walters
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Did Kamala Harris Make These Contrasting Statements About Police? |  Snopes.com

People are slowly waking up to what they have done, and I am sure there are many who actually regret voting Biden because he will get nothing done and it will cost the taxpayer more and more.

One of the downsides of writing pieces for a political blogging page is that you have to read the difference of opinions regarding current and previous administrations, and boy can it get nasty out there when you do not conform to their ideation.  It is almost as though you are breaking some sacred law because you do not support their candidate and it could put you on their cancel list and all via that well known cowardly person…..the armchair General. 

These types of people sit safely behind a keyboard writing across all different forms of media platform, and often trolling with more than one account, and some of the messages are quite vile.  I myself have had the most disgusting of messages.  These ranged from being about me, to being about my grandchildren and even my dog.  I have learned to switch off from these morons and refuse to admit their comments, and having been called all sorts of names like racist, xenophobic, white supremacist and homophobic and the wails of disgust when they find out it does not bother me one bit, however can you imagine how fed up the Trump children were to have the most disgusting of accusations thrown at their father by these intolerant trolls?  

It seems the hate runs down to the children of Trump and yet when you look at their behaviour to that of one Hunter Biden, you have to ask yourself who in their right mind can write the most disingenuous comments about them because of their father and despite doing a really good job, and then seeming to not only ignore but bury the news on Hunter Biden.  We all know who the mainstream media are as they are pushing an agenda on people and the lies and spin are being believed which again makes me question the sanity of some.

There was very little praise for Jared Kushner working on what could only be classed as master stroke in the Middle East and where old enemies are becoming friends, and with this administration Israel is going to need all the friends it can get.  Yet the intolerant people cannot even bring themselves to say he did a good job.  It seems to be open season on the Trump Children, but they behaved with poise and dignity.  There was no worry about their laptops being left in repair shops, or photos with crack pipes, dodgy dealings with foreign countries and an FBI investigation for the Trump administration to worry about.

There is even a petition for Jill Biden to tear up the garden that Melania Trump put in and you think…wow…. how low can these people sink in their hatred?  It is a rose garden…nothing more and nothing less and this continued faux outrage is becoming tedious and boring.

I used to watch CNN as watching the meltdown of the journalists on there was very entertaining, but it was interesting but now…I think I managed 10 minutes today.  There was a discussion regarding the border issue and a film showing how people smugglers were getting people to the border and how the ICE staff are overwhelmed, and the journalist said that Biden was having a bit of difficulty…..WOW…. a bit!!!  The place is full to capacity and is breaking down. 

If you had not watched CNN during the Trump years they picked apart everything he did and yes including the cages that they are putting children in.  They blamed Trump left, right and centre despite Obama doing the same thing.  They blamed Trump for people being turned away, but people knew that they could not get into the States and I lost count of the number of times they would be very discourteous regarding him.  Senator Cruz and others went to the border to film the absolutely misery that is going on there, and a person who had been employed for only 2 weeks was trying to stop him filming, and filming children who had been separated from their parents, unaccompanied children, and teenagers…all of whom were in cages and where there was an increase in Covid infections.

We find out later that the Senator and the others with him were asked to hand over their films.  Of course, they said no, and the film was shown but the Biden administration did not want this out there, and even now some 4.5 weeks on from being tasked with the assignment, Harris has still not ventured to the area.  Yet, nothing has been said other than a bit of difficulty. 

US Election 2020: Kamala Harris targeted by false conspiracy theories - BBC  News

Are these people for real?

You only have to look at the incursions into other countries, the use of drones, wars etc and put them side by side and I think you will find that the mere mention of Orange Man Bad has them reaching for their smelling salts, and then the excuses.  It absolutely beggar’s belief that people still think that Obama did a better job and seem to ignore the truth when it is presented to them, and instead hit for the complaints button.  The cancel culture button must be the largest button on the screen for some as if it is something they do not believe in…. then they want to cancel you, your comment, and the chance for people to read an alternative view.   It seems it is always those who preach are the most tolerant are actually the most intolerant.

If you compare the speeches of Donald Trump on the 6th of January compared to that of Maxine Walters regarding the Derek Chauvin trial, or when the riots were in full swing the comments of Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Walters again, you will see how hypocritical the censors are, yet nothing is said and no demands for explanation by the mainstream media.  Everything I have written is available freely on the Internet as god knows there has been more written about the last President than anybody else, yet the first thing that is screamed is misinformation, lies and spin when you try to defend him.

All my information comes from reputable newspaper and mainstream sources and has been picked apart again and again, yet because it sometimes does not suit the narrative off it goes. It seems that writing foul language will not get you put in limbo but writing about Trump does and this can only mean that it is hitting the mark and getting the truth out there.  It is a bit like the X files…. the truth is out there, and it will set you free but for some there is the truth and then there is their truth, and they view it as a need-to-know situation and that is the majority do not need to know.   After all what is better than showing people how to think and what to think and the more they do that, the less questions there is, and politics is back to where it was ruled by the political elite.  The people do not ask questions because they have been subjected to spin, and the politicians then can carry on doing what they always do.  That is why the political elite hated Trump because it upset their apple cart. 

I fully support Donald Trump because he was different, and the new President that America has voted in is the same political elite that many people had hoped the States had gotten away from.  This Presidency has been referred to as Obama’s 3rd term and that is what it is.  Yet people seem to give this administration a free pass despite seeing the pain and suffering that is happening at the border.  People who are that desperate to get in that they will do anything including sending their young children first.  Under Trump this did not happen because he actually wanted to control the levels of immigration that came into the United States, and 100 days in and this administration has lost control of that already, and increased the numbers by tens of thousands.

I have read time and time again that Trump is incompetent, but I would have to disagree.  How incompetent is a President when he does not create a war, nor uses the military to show what a powerful man he is and leaving victims in its wake, but who does infact reach out to bring in the rogue states to try and make the world a little less volatile.   He did this whilst all the world having his administration ripped apart by certain media networks.  Yet nothing said about the breakdown of the situation at the border, nor the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan even though this will create bigger problems more now than ever and even Hillary Clinton hates it, and she bears responsibility for the dead and injured just the same as Obama and the then Vice President….one Joe Biden.

Seems it is ok when Joe does it.   

I do not always defend Donald Trump and sometimes he behaved like a spoilt brat at the press briefings, but I defy anyone to have put up with the onslaught that he had day after day, but day after day he faced the press and yet the head of this administration is kept away from the press and away from interviews.  It seems that even simple things like telling people how much tax they will pay is becoming too hard to discuss, and where it makes the administration look very amateurish on the world stage, laughable is the word I would actually use.

Time and time again there have been bleating’s from the Democrats that the Russians interfered with the 2016 election, even though that was shown to be a lie and then again in 2020.  Do these people not realise that it makes the United States of America look very weak on the world stage when they constantly bleat about the interference of another country, and that surely they should have realised that if Trump had won they could have bleated about it.  The fact that the other side won should have sent a message to them…but nope…..still coming out with the narrative.

People are already discussing that Biden will not see out his full term and it is obvious to anyone that he has cognitive issues, and for me as a commentator it is something to pick up and run with but as a person it really makes me wonder why anyone would do this?  I actually feel sorry for him sometimes as this cannot be doing him any good.  He has said himself he asks his wife every morning when he wakes up where is he.  

So here I am back to the question.  What is it about Donald Trump that sends people reaching for the smelling salts? Start with the wailing and the screaming, the robbing and assaulting and that is only the beginning of their meltdown.   Trump has more of a grip on reality than Biden and for the first time in a long time America was not at war with anyone, nor had they created a new war.

I just wonder what it is the American people want, surely it is better to have a President who on the world stage can hold his own, does not lose track of a simple sentence, can actually state one of his key policies without turning it into a world joke and who actually looks like a leader rather than the rather pitiful old man that we see now.

It will be painful watching him deteriorate and to think people did that just because of their hatred of Orange Man Bad……

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2 thoughts on “What is it about Trump and his family that makes people scream, shout, and pull out their hair??

  1. Probably the fact he was a massive racist and xenophobia, unqualifed for the role and achieved no lasting policy changes.


    1. You mean he didn’t cause wars, didn’t drop drones on innocent people at weddings in Pakistan and killings hundreds and hundreds of women and children, didn’t cause the deaths of thousands of American Servicemen and women, and didn’t cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in an invasion? Showed the military and police he stood with them and would not pander to the loons. Stopped Iran from building their nuclear bomb under the guise of energy…which Biden has allowed back despite Iran stating they will wipe Israel off the map. Made a global war less likely unlike Biden, and where people actually felt safer as he did not want to interfere in other countries unlike Obama and Biden who are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, and under Trumps tenure more backs, Hispanic and women found work. Not bits of jobs like Obama counted, but real jobs….You mean that sort of racism?


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