Seems something rotten is afoot in Warrington North….

Would the Council Leader Russ Bowden like to explain the claim below???

Seems the Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols wasn’t living in the area as legally required by law when campaigning to be the MP….

Campaigning is laughable….she was handed the seat by Uncle Corbyn. If she was living here….why would she need to rent a house in Warrington via Airbnb after signing a legal document that said she lived here?

Why would she be registered as still living in Islington? Her nomination fully signed off by the Labour Council who said she was living in Warrington. They must of known this was a lie.

There are rotten rotten politics going on in this Labour hold…but at least it has now been reported to the Electoral Commission. So here’s hoping they are made to explain it in a court of law.

It makes interesting reading….

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