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I have listed a comment below from a chap who is very concerned at the mismanagement of our local taxes. We are on the verge of bankruptcy, and with this Labour Led Incompetent Council….the debt will raise from £1.6 billion to £2.3 billion in the next couple of years.

The Leader of the Council Russ Bowden has taken to calling one concerned taxpayer a D**khead in leaked WhatsApp messages. Not very polite nor grown up…or if you press hard for an answer,….Cheshire’s finest end up knocking on your door…accusing you of harassment for merely wanting answers on your money! You just couldn’t make this up…

Seems our glorious leader and his bunch of inept councillors like spending our money on really bad investments The Redwood Bank….the council hand over £30 million for 87.6% of the initial costs, the other investors pay the rest of the 12.4% and they end up with 66% of shares….and us 34%. I would like to know which fools signed this off?

If the bank folds the council walks away with £8 million…down £22 million, and the investors walk away with £30 million….up from £8 million. I wouldn’t trust any of the Council and its leader to run a bath, never mind be responsible for the towns money.

Anyway…this was written by a concerned taxpayer….and by the way….he gets ZERO answers or responses from the Council Leader Russ Bowden or any other Labour or Lib Dem councillor running us into the ground…

After watching Cllr Mitchell’s bleating video regarding central Government cuts and the need to increase revenue to compensate for them, as a justification for the £1.6 BILLION debt, soon to be £2.3 BILLION, I had a look at our neighbouring councils to compare:-

WARRINGTON – Population – 210,000
Debt – £1.6 BILLION
Council tax rise – 4.98%

WIGAN – Population – 326,000
Debt – £350 MILLION
Council tax rise – 3.99%. This is the first rise in 7 years.

ST HELENS – Population – 180,000
Debt – £125 MILLION
Council tax rise – 4.99%

KNOWSLEY – Population – 150,000
Debt – £109 MILLION
Council tax rise – 4.99%

SALFORD – Population – 254,500
Debt – £340 MILLION
Council tax rise – 3.99%

So despite the fact that our Labour council just blame Conservative central Government for lack of funding, how do other surrounding councils not have the same level of debt? They are all surrounding urban areas, similar populations, similar and shared infrastructures, similar resources and demographics.


Am I missing something? Or is it just the blindingly obvious conclusion that Warrington is incompetently managed?

Care to comment Russ Bowden??

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