The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..

I cannot for the life of me think that anyone could vote for that seriously nasty piece of work Nancy Pelosi.

When she is not goading the mob into rioting, destruction and theft, then she is calling a world pandemic the Teump virus which is totally done standards…but that mean old woman doesn’t care….and when not doing that having questionable knowledge of when and where to buy shares to increase her already very wealthy bank account, and last that disgusting interview where she thanked George Floyd for sacrificing his life

That was when I realised…she like the President are so out of touch. George Floyd was murdered by a corrupt police officer and at no point gave his life willingly for any cause….but Pelosi cannot see that….as she is doing what she always does…virtual signalling like the President.

The USA is being run by two people who are way past retiring, and Joe Biden doesn’t even know what day it is….

Ask yourself if someone like George Floyd tipped up at Pelosi’s House, how long do you reckon it would have taken the police to arrest him and the courts throw away the key?

The Democrats doesn’t care about poor black people they are useful for the woke narrative, and they definitely don’t care about other colours of people…..poor people….just look at the border.

America all you did was fall for their claptrap because they wanted Teump out. BLM are now complaining that the President is turning the military on them, and the poorer are getting shafted and the human rights abuses on the border is scandalous. You voted for this…and by the way…this presidents administration is actually censoring the news. No 1st amendment under them…and Biden actually stated its not set in stone so to speak…he wants to change it so they control the narrative. In other words lie…

Trump shook up the elite and the likes of Pelosi could not have that. It is the Democrats who want political power as it lines their pockets and they think they know better than everyone else.

Ask yourself….when did you last see Harris, Biden or Pelosi do something good for the poor, the unemployed, the blacks and Hispanics without it lining their pockets?? The answer is never.

Harris and Biden had the most anti poor black agenda of any gruesome twosome before now and this resulted in longer, harsher sentences fir those individuals….and like Pelosi….you are useful if you are poor and black….but only at a distance….

Seems the woke narrative is only useful to the self appointed ruling political elite.

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