Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.

I have finally created the pages I most wanted too….and that is m where we can discuss great food and drinks, great entertaining, UK holidays and above all the love of my garden and no politics.

I am only a novice gardener and do need a lot of help due to my disabilities but this is my way of showing that you can enjoy a garden no matter how big or small, no matter what help you need as if you find a gardening buddy as I have who will do the heavy duty work, then the whole things becomes a wonderful experience.

Image result for gardening
Image result for gardening

Having my garden has actually stopped me from hitting the depths of depression due to the chronic pain I have as you can become frustrated with the roadblocks that are put in your way by your own body, but seeing things grow at the hands of a novice such as me is truly wonderful and very satisfactory and it is teaching my son how to take care of plants, and I am hoping he will come to like it as much as I do.

It gives you the chance to be out in the sun and it takes you far away to a world of your own and the buzzing of the bees and wasps, the butterflies and the moths, even the ants in my garden wall are something you tend to notice. It also drags you away from the normal shopping routine when you are out buying plants and where you can wonder round in places full of the most beautiful colours and smells, and literally where the world just moves slower and calmer.

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Image result for butterflies

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I have discovered bird nests in my garden and in the areas I leave for wildlife there are snails, slugs, spiders and every other creature you can think of that comes into your garden. Its the perfect recipe to make you smile.

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Image result for gardening

Maybe the doctors should recommend this as part of a healthy wellbeing for those who struggle with day to day., and it saved me so much when the lockdown was on as I had the garden.

Anyway, on my new posts there will be absolutely no politics but there will be some advertising and these are places that I and others will have been and where we purchase the goods we blog about, as all reviews will be an honest one and where our opinion cannot be bought. However, if you want to advertise then please contact me at but this will be listed as a paid advertisement and the write up will be your words with your disclaimer and no opinion piece by us, as it is important to keep that integrity of the reviews and we will be listing places to go to for a holiday and where to eat and drink.

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So why not join us on here and where you will get tips, help and advice and I am happy to take advice from gardeners at any time and if you want to write about your success stories with pictures, then please contact me on the same email address, and I am happy to add you to the site. All help is useful and gratefully received….and I hope you enjoy this new and different approach to the site.

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