Is anyone surprised…Biden is no friend of Jews nor Israel.

Is anyone surprised that Joe Biden is anti semitic? After all he is carrying on Obamas legacy. You remember Obama…the guy who murdered thousands with his indiscriminate drone strikes, and who backed Iran for the nuclear deal. Lets not forget the man they were screaming about…one President Trump…..accusing him of being a being a warContinue reading “Is anyone surprised…Biden is no friend of Jews nor Israel.”

The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..

I cannot for the life of me think that anyone could vote for that seriously nasty piece of work Nancy Pelosi. When she is not goading the mob into rioting, destruction and theft, then she is calling a world pandemic the Teump virus which is totally done standards…but that mean old woman doesn’t care….and whenContinue reading “The viciousness that is Nancy Pelosi..”

Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.

I have finally created the pages I most wanted too….and that is m where we can discuss great food and drinks, great entertaining, UK holidays and above all the love of my garden and no politics. I am only a novice gardener and do need a lot of help due to my disabilities but thisContinue reading “Finally…..a new add on to Points of Sue.”