Well worth a visit…

Stafford Castle is well worth a visit.

It is a castle thats been around since castles were first built and started off as mott and Bailey stronghold, but the history includes executions and civil war. There are plenty of information posts in the grounds so you can have a full breakdown of the history.

There is parking but not a lot and its free. There is a lovely woodland walk but if you are disabled like me….then either take a walk round the herb garden and then upto the castle by the right of the visitors centre, or if able bodied like my son then go the long way round for a long walk. He did inform that there is a bit of a slope to climb but if you can….do it.

I went the disabled route and it is accessible for wheelchairs and walkers, and the scenery is breathtaking. There were plenty of families, young children and dogs up there and it is a great hour or so….and costs nothing.

Due to it being a ruin…you can only see the outside but you can see battle damage on the walls.

There are picnic tables dotted round about and you can have a great family tome, learn history, walk the dog and spend zero….what is there not to like.

The visitors centre is closed, however the hours for the castle are fully listed on their website.


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