They need to stop….

Sleepy Joe from making speeches. Find him a nice retirement home and then watch America descend into anarchy under Communist Kamala Harris.

He called the 6th January riot against the Capitol Hill the worst act of terror to hit the USA since the Civil War…

What on earth was Pearl Harbour or 9/11?? What about the attacks on federal offices by Timothy McVie or the Boston bombings? What about the mass shootings that seem to go on and on and on???

The more Joe Biden speaks the more the world shudders at the inept man in the Whitehouse. This is what happens when you put a dementia sufferer in a seat that he is not fit medically to hold, and all because you disliked Donald Trump. America is this really the best you have?

America is a laughing stock and at no point can Biden be described as the most powerful man in earth…..I doubt he even knows what day it is.

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