It must be hell on earth for India…..

India is now suffering from the 2nd outbreak of the Covid19 Virus and yes I am going to put the blame where it belongs and that is with China.

I don’t know if it came out of their lab by accident or on purpose, or as that whitewashed WHO report says it could be their disgusting wet markets that caused it, but it came from China and now India is suffering the most. Kind of makes you wonder if this was the plan all along especially as China seems to keep doing hit and run raids into Indian territory, and lets face it….India is the only country that can stop China matching military with military, they know it and we know it.

India has over a billion people and they are one of the most welcoming of countries and as I have said many, many times I am lucky to have Indian friends. India is a beautiful country and they have remained friends with Great Britain ever since independence and we here and in the West must do everything we can to help them. You cannot just turn a blind eye to their suffering…….

We need to act in a humanitarian sense and make sure that India has everything it needs, otherwise this is not going to end well for any of us….and especially India. The strain there is more deadly than previously thought and if it gets out of control there what is to stop it from coming here?? We need to help to stop this and stop it permanently.

  • The first ‘oxygen express’ train carrying 72 tonnes of life-saving gas arrived in Delhi, as officials pledged 44 new generating plants to deal with a shortage that has seen prices rise ‘higher than gold’
  • India’s Supreme Court opened an investigation into the government’s Covid response, and pledged to work with High Courts to hold officials responsible
  • Chief of the Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said all army medics who retired in the last two years are being recalled and sent to hospitals to alleviate a chronic shortage of staff as doctors fall ill with Covid
  • Karnataka state announced a new lockdown with all non-essential retail shuttered and movement outside the home banned, while Assam will bring in a night-time curfew starting this evening
  • British ventilators and oxygen concentrators arrived in New Delhi as a first wave of international aid arrives
  • The US has pledged to donate 60million AstraZeneca vaccines which it has not yet approved for use to global stockpiles, with India expected to be given ‘priority’ 
  • WHO warned that people ‘rushing to hospitals unnecessarily’ is worsening India’s outbreak, as people contract the disease in crowded waiting rooms  (daily mail).
Medics have warned that India's second wave is probably being driven by a more infectious and more deadly variant of the virus, though investigations are still being carried out into its effects (pictured, a crematorium in New Delhi)
Cremating the dead in India.

People are dying on the streets because there are no hospital beds left and those companies who are over inflating their prices for oxygen should be hauled before a court, as this is not the time for making money out of the misery of those who are suffering from this dreadful virus. It is normally the poorest in India who are the hit the hardest. The heart bleeds for their misery…..

Relatives weep as they perform funeral rites for a coronavirus victim as their body is cremated in the capital Delhi
Weeping as ritual rights are said over a cremation.
The body of a Covid victim lies on a stretcher before being put on to a pyre in the Ghazipur cremation ground in New Delhi
The body of a Covid 19 victim waiting for cremation.

These are grandfathers, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, cousins and so on and so on who are dying of this virus. It is about time that China is made responsible for this and the fact that it is killing so many people in India. There must be a full investigation into why this virus is here and it must not be allowed to be conducted by the WHO as they are proved themselves totally inept and happy to whitewash anything….. and they are now no longer trusted to deal with this.

This must be the new vision of what hell on earth looks like….

Crematorium workers pile wood on top of bodies for burning at a cremation ground in New Delhi
These are all bodies waiting for cremation.
Relatives stand next to the burning funeral pyres of those who died due to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), at Ghazipur cremation ground in New Delhi

It is not fair that a country such as India is being left to suffer with this. There is a sense of injustice on behalf of those who died and there needs to be an accountability. The only country that has profited from this is China and all countries have had to bury their dead and watch their economies tank and why? There is a report out that the Chinese Scientists and military are working together to produce a new weapon…. and there is a sense of injustice in all of this.

How scientists at Wuhan lab helped Chinese army in secret project to find animal viruses | Daily Mail Online

This is a good starting point for aid but more needs to be done…

Foreign ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi tweeted photos of British medical aid arriving in India today, saying packages included 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators

We cannot leave India to fall apart due to this virus taking control and their health system is falling apart….

People queue up to receive a dose of a Covid-19 coronavirus vaccine at a vaccination centre in Mumbai
People waiting for their vaccination.
India daily Covid cases
India daily Covid deaths

India is short of ICU beds, oxygen, ventilators, PPE, Doctors and Nurses as lets not forget that they are at the greatest risk of catching this disease.

India is in desperate need of the vaccine and never mind Boris Johnson saying we don’t have any spare…..I thought this Government had bought over 400 million doses? That is more than enough and some to help….and help we must. It is now a humanitarian crisis and people are dying at the rate of 100s an hour. Can we really stand by and do nothing?

This is the biggest crisis to hit the human race and its epicentre of the crisis is now India and there must be no rest until countries have helped them out either by way of medical aid, help with Doctors and Nurses or monetary aid but help we must because if India fails then there will be no way to stop the onward march of a country hell bent on military takeover.

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