The perverse nomination and succession of Iran to the Women’s Rights Group…..

I had to check the date today to make sure it was not the 1st April…after all this must of been some kind of joke…Iran and Women’s Rights….who in their right mind agreed to that? It is a monstrous nomination and women will no longer have a champion to fight their cause in the UN, but rather a country fight against it.

Being the UN……it all made sense. Iran has been given a seat on the UN Women’s Rights Group. Have you seen the way they control women? It is an insult to all those who have fought for years and are still fighting to have some modicum of freedom, and to allow a country to have a say where women are denied even the basic of rights is laughable but it is also deadly serious, and it can only be looked at as having a bad outcome and I can see the rights of women being curtailed because Iran will create if not.

Women can kiss goodbye now to any further rights as they will be trampled on by Iran and in this woke culture, no one will want to upset Iran….after all the West is stupidly giving them a free pass on building a nuclear bomb.

Girls as young as 13 are married off and sometimes the person chosen for her could be 3 or 4 times her age, and she has no choice……it is wrong on so many levels.

Women are forced to wear the hajib.

Women have to ask their husband or a male relative if they can go out of the house, the town or leave the country, and this is nothing but the subjugation of women by males.

Women have no rights whatsoever in Iran, so which mindless idiot decided the country that curtails everything to do women be given a seat on the very thing they are suppressing for the next 4 years.

The election of Iran to the UN’s committee on women’s rights has been called an ‘insult’ by activists due to the country’s discrimination against women.   Iran was elected among five other nations to sit on the ‘Status of Women’, a New-York based UN commission dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and the empowerment of women.  

A UN report found that between 'March and June 2020, 7,323 marriages involving girls aged 10 to 14 were registered' in Iran. Pictured: Iranian women gather for a ceremony in Tehran, Iran
 UN report found that between ‘March and June 2020, 7,323 marriages involving girls aged 10 to 14 were registered’ in Iran. Pictured: Iranian women gather for a ceremony in Tehran, Iran

Women in Iran have to ask their husband if they can take up employment.

Women in Iran are not allowed to play certain sports.

There is no equality for women and Iran certainly do not want empower females. They will act against this at every level.

Masih Alinejad, a US-based activist and founder of My Stealthy Freedom, told the Swedish parliament that the decision to elect Iran onto the UN women’s rights committee was an ‘insult’, She said: ‘A regime that does not allow women to make decisions for their own bodies has been elected to a body to monitor the condition of women around the world.’

Speaking on gender inequality in Iran Mr Rehman told the UN Human Rights Council: ‘Egregious gender-based discrimination persists in law, practice and societal attitudes, disempowering women and girls from participating and contributing in society.’ 

Iran does not believe in women’s rights or rights for women and they are wanting to permanently curtail the minor freedom that women have, and as a woman it is an insult that such a country is allowed to sit on the board that defends women and is supposed to work with women to gain more freedom, and it does not take a crystal ball to know that Iran will not agree to anything to do with women.

With Iran on their committee this is a case of one step forward and a mile backwards for women throughout the world.

Iran has no plans whatsoever to give women in their country any rights, a woman can be jailed for failing to wear a hijab and they expect this country to agree rights for other women yet deny their own?

It is a perverted and obscene choice as it is akin to asking the fox to look after the hen house. It will be disastrous and it is insulting. It is an insult to women everywhere.

Women in Iran can be jailed and or whipped for daring to speak out …. where is their rights?

I am a fierce opponent of the United Nations as it does nothing, zilch….not a thing. The only thing we ever hear is that they are sending out a strongly worded letter…..I can do that……

The United Nations is now no longer fit for purpose and is fastly becoming a joke but that joke and the effects of it will permanently affect those who have no rights…way to go UN….way to go.

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