The Verdict is in….and it is the right one.

It was the right verdict and it was the only verdict and I hope Derek Chauvin gets the rest of his life locked away, but what it didn’t need is for some Democrat threatening violence on the streets if the verdict did not go the way they wanted. The Law and Politics are two separate entities in the United States of America and the founding fathers made it that way so that no President had the power of a King.

Maxine Walters should be charged with threatening violence to try and force the sway of a jury and that is a charge punishable by jail time, and maybe if they did decide to start charging these people who hold power then maybe things will actually move in the United States of America.

I don’t like Derek Chauvin, he is a murderer and he murdered a man in full view of people without a care in the world. He is a bully and a racist and he should never have been in uniform and it is because of people like him that good police officers are getting murdered. The sort of police officers that are a credit to the community not a hinderance.

The issue is that the people are angry and they are out for vengeance, and the sight of Nancy Pelosi thanking George Floyd for his sacrifice made me feel sick. He did not sacrifice his life for freedom. He was murdered…….but Ms Pelosi is never one to shy away from being in the news but ask yourself how long would it have taken her to get the police on a poor black person if they showed up on her doorstep? They don’t care…..they are only conning you into thinking they do.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections released Derek Chauvin's new booking photo on Wednesday morning as he woke up from his first night at MCF-Oak Park Heights
Derek Chauvin in his prison orange uniform.

Chauvin looks like the arrogant man he is and he knew he had the choice between life and death for George Floyd and he played god, and now he must pay for it. It is a pity there is not a death sentence visited on him as that would then be real justice . No one can forget him kneeling on Mr Floyd’s neck with his hands in his pocket and not a care in the world. That is how bullies act and he got through the gap. He had 4 times as many complaints as any other police officer and nothing was done. Why was he never disciplined for that? If someone had 4 times as many complaints in a hospitality service they would be fired so why can the police not be fired. They let a bully and a murderer stay in uniform.

There now has to be an explanation from the Chief of Police as to why this murderer slipped through the net and if it needs a purge of the police department so be it, however defunding the police is not the right thing to do because 99% of the police force as I have mentioned are the good guys and why should they pay because a man in a uniform decided to play god and murder a man over a fake $20 bill.

There should be greater tests for police officers and they keep being tested and if there are complaints time after time then fire them. Its as simple as that. When a police officer is bad they are always bad and people must have seen this and done nothing so the system should be put on trial too, but again please remember that there are wonderful police officers who defend the United States of America and who are being murdered daily.

I don’t see the outrage for that and they have taken on the mantle of protecting American citizens.

Thankfully Chauvin is sat in a maximum security prison on suicide watch and he will have to go into solitary for the rest of his life as we all know there is a price on his head, but maybe being scared to death will teach him a very long lesson as he is the reason he is there, and he can blame nobody else but himself.

No prisoner has ever escaped from Oak Park Heights which houses around 500 of the most dangerous inmates in the state, 25 miles east of Minneapolis, on the border with Wisconsin. Chauvin is being closely watched by guards to ensure his safety, not just as a suicide risk, but also from other inmates with violent criminal histories, many of whom resent law enforcement.
er has ever escaped from Oak Park Heights which houses around 500 of the most dangerous inmates in the state, 25 miles east of Minneapolis, on the border with Wisconsin. Chauvin is being closely watched by guards to ensure his safety, not just as a suicide risk, but also from other inmates with violent criminal histories, many of whom resent law enforcement.

The country does not need the President nor the Vice President stating that there is systematic racism in the country as this is not healing words, and again we do not need incitement from Democrats to riot as all that Maxine Walters has done is given him an appeal. Can you imagine the pain if he got off on an appeal and she was responsible?

We have had to have the nauseating sight of celebrity after celebrity crying because it was the right thing to do, but ask yourself how many of them help poor black families? How many of them would have called the police if someone like George Floyd had turned up on their doorstep asking for help. The sight of these people who are trying to be relevant from their multi million dollar mansions in mainly white districts is nothing more than fake signalling. I want to hear from those people who help out with the poorest of families and tell the world what they need.

Not some fake signalling celebrity who would never dream of walking through black neighbourhoods and who never dream of giving away their money to the poor, but who want to be seen as it high profiles them. They are using this terrible situation for their own cause. The cause of celebrity should be dead and buried and the real people should be the ones we see and hear.

I don’t know if the George Floyd family will recover if they ever do, and tomorrow we will read of yet another black person being killed on the streets, and another story of a police officer being killed in the line of duty and that is day after day after day. America are you not tired of this?

Are you not tired of the crime and the murders?

The first thing that should happen is a group of politicians get together and not spouting the race card as that is not the time, but get together and form a committee and ask….ask the people and the police their views and see if there is a mutual meeting of minds at some point.

If you defund the police there will be an increase in crime and there will be an increase in deaths as more and more people will purchase guns, and the killing and the murders will go on and on and on, and day after day we will see children mourning their parents, parents mourning their children and the hatred will go on.

There needs to be more screening for the police and there definitely needs to be a greater gun control than there is now as it seems anybody can get a gun, and if you leave a state underfunded in its law enforcement and have an increase in guns then you will get violence not seen in years, and is that what we want the children to grow up with? Do you not want your children to be able to walk down the street without fear of violence?

For me I would ask those who work on the ground in these areas the ones who have made a difference to families, the community leaders who will work with the police and educate them and show the communities that they can be trusted, but this must not become a political ping pong for a President and a Vice President who will use it for their gain as that is all they will do and that is wrong.

It needs to be something the people and the police come together with and decide the way forward as only by showing unity can they ever hope to escape the circle of violence that is going on in America, and maybe just maybe they can weed out the murderers like Derek Chauvin from the police and gain the respect that they do deserve, and we will never again have to watch the awful spectacle of a man crying for his mama before dying on the street as that sight must never be forgotten.

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