Whatever happened to respect….

Having and running several media platforms I like to engage people as much as possible and the topic of conversation over the weekend has been the funeral of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh.

The general chit chat of comments was interesting and even though some disagreed with others there was always the respect to each other, and the respect given to the fact that a 99 year old man had passed away, but for the first time I had to ban one of the contributors as her comments were offensive.

The first post started off calling Prince Philip a racist and that they went shopping rather than watch the funeral. I don’t have a problem with any private individual going shopping but then the insults after it were galling and they had very little to back up her very nasty accusations…as usual…the intolerant left like to accuse with no facts. Questions were asked of what made him racist and then jaw dropping time….all those who support the Royal Family are racists and sympathisers with racists and they do not want those type of people using her business!!!! You know the majority of people who admire the House of Windsor……

What on earth has happened to some of the people in this country? Although I think they have probably been watching and reading too much of the lies and spin from the Sussex’s as they like the gullible to believe them, and the nastiest comments towards the Royal Family have come out since that pack of lies was aired on Oprah.

Well….by this time I had had enough and so had a great deal of the readers.

Why is it when people love the flag, love this country and admire and respect the Queen and the Royal Family are we suddenly cast as racists? By the way this wokeist had no idea whether the people they were calling were ethnic minorities…nothing. It seems that the minute you respect the Royal Family you are a racist.

Where on earth do these people come from?

Although, I should imagine they back the Warrington North MP who was disrespectful and openly gloated she went shopping instead of showing respect to the very person she swore an oath too……..my god….what is wrong with people.

The person writing the offensive rubbish couldn’t even bring themselves respectful in the fact he served 6 years right through the war, and without people like HRH The Duke of Edinburgh fighting for the future then they would not be here…..

They hate everything we stand for so much that they cannot even be nice when somebody is being buried, and they have to turn up with their nasty remarks with snide and sneering…

Well I did the only thing I could do and that is get rid….as I don’t mind having a difference of opinion but somebody with those kind of thoughts are not welcome on the platform I run…..

As my parents always said…have some manners and don’t talk ill of the dead. It seems manners were not passed on to some….

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2 thoughts on “Whatever happened to respect….

  1. People don’t have to respect Prince Philip. Many People work exceptionally hard in their fields and do a lot for society but don’t expect admiration from the country So I think you need to accept that


    1. It would be nice to know that people RESPECT the fact he fought for freedom. The Prince is from a war generation but then I do appreciate that.


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