Who are…

The morons who bring up race at a funeral? HRH The Duke of Edinburgh is being laid to rest on Saturday, and who the family invites have got absolutely nothing to do with anybody else.

Shame on you intolerant leftist whingers for being offended at something that is made up in your own heads. It is disrespectful to HM The Queen and not just because she is Queen but because she is someone who finds herself a widow after 73 years, and above all it is disrespectful to the wishes of the man whose funeral it is.

Race baiters see an opportunity to be offended, even if they have to make up a faux outrage.

Get a life and let those who are mourning this loyal servant of our country get on to do what must be a moment they are dreading.

HM The Queen and the Royal Family have my deepest sympathy.

God save the Queen and may he send her some comfort at this sad time.

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