Slowly but surely…

People in the USA are waking up to the fact they have put a con man in the Whitehouse. He conned them into believing things would get better…and they are getting considerably worse each day.

The nearly 2trillion dollars Biden is spending is not for the Covid effort, nor for getting money to those differing financially but are in fact the wish list of the Democratic party. How many of his buddies and those in his government make money from this? We already know there will be a fair few…

He has put someone with no health care experience in charge of health care, and someone who wants soft or no borders in charge of security. You couldn’t make this up….but yes we can…as our politicians do the same.

They put the most inept people in positions of authority because they are mates.

Is it not about time the departments of Government were run by experts instead of chums, who we all know now will make money from their ineptitude. Its called fraud, insider dealing and should be stopped.. now.

At least it seems though some in the States are waking up….we need to do the same.

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