The Duke and Duchess of Woke…

Should learn from the legacy of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and behave like Royals. As for the Duchess saying she adored Philip and they had a bond…..the Royal experts have stated that she saw him so little that it wouldn’t have had time to develop a friendship.

Lets not forget this is the couple who turned down Christmas at Sandringham and Summer at Balmoral, their excuse for Balmoral ..Archie was too young to fly. Then they promptly went off to Elton John’s pad via his private plane. 4 private jet flights that year….ever the eco warriors.

Prince Philip would have seen straight through Meghan Markle, and I doubt he had any words for her that were adoring after she and her wet husband trashed the very institution he and his wife, Our Queen stood for.

The Duchess states she did not come to the funeral as she did not want to be the centre of attention. Only a true narcissit would come up with that rubbish. The person everyone is concerned about is a grand old lady who has lost her husband after nearly 3/4 qtrs of a century together, and who now finds herself alone.

Harry needs to grow a set for once and tell his wife to shut up, but he won’t because he is weak….very weak, but expect the sob stories of how she was ignored regarding the funeral with her lapdog nodding…..

If I was Prince William I would check Harry for a wire….or say very little as whatever they say will end up with Gayle King or Oprah….with them playing the victims again for the highest price. They are really clueless and have no shame.

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