Since when….

Has it been open season on the good guys? The SAS are asked to put their lives into situations us mere mortals would never cope with….

Yet because it suits the narrative of the woke left and main stream media for a good story, they are trying to bring one down….

Ben Roberts-Smith former Australian SAS and VC winner is being subjected to the abysmal investigation that our own gallant British soldiers went through. The investigation into our servicemen is a travesty of justice and shame on this Government for not stopping any of it.

All they constantly go on about in the video is the dressing up at a party….Jesus these men could have died the next day….so what if they dressed up and behaved like that? Some high ranking officer saying its not acceptable…yet I doubt he has even been anywhere remotely dangerous. Easy to criticise when its not you doing the dangerous operation certain death….

Who of us having been in the Armed Forces didn’t work hard and played hard, often pushing the knuckle to the boundary? That’s what kept you sane

As far as the media sat safe in their offices free to do what the like because of men like Ben, he has already been found guilty. It makes my blood boil when they hang people out to dry who have served their country.

Heres an idea….stick the journalist there next time and give him a gun….

Politicians and journalists are quick enough to accuse but often very lacking in numbers when it comes to sorting out the mess Politicians make.

Maybe if we made them fight out we would have less war. Its too easy being an armchair General when you know your life is never in danger.

Shame on the politicians, the media and those who are trying to get this young man’s reputation ruined.

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