We need a Shareholders Group in Warrington to stop the Council.

The poor mismanagement of our local taxes by the Labour led council got me thinking of how can we the people change it? How can we the people whose money they are spending on magic bean projects and pie in the sky investments….stop this irresponsible council from getting us further into debt.

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The first thing that got me thinking was that our Account books have not been signed off since 2017 and since then this council has gotten the town into a debt of £1.6 billion pounds. That is £10,000 of debt for every adult in Warrington, and if we don’t stop them then it is expected to go up to £2.3 billion and the taxes expected on it will end up with the debt rising to £15,000 for every adult and that is unacceptable and totally irresponsible.

As previously stated we are ranked 88th in size of population but are number 5 in the top 5 of the worst in debt councils and that in a nutshell shows this council is failing….FAILING. It cannot be allowed to go on…

So the solution came to me when reading about this appalling investment into Redwood Bank. One member of the council is the shareholders representative. I thought…hang on….that makes me a shareholder and I was not asked did I want this person to represent me nor have I seen any of the papers where my forced contribution was used.

So…the solution was in our own hands. There are number of citizens who are going to contact the Warrington South MP Andy Carter and ask him to take our thoughts and demands to the Communities Minister, The Rt Hon Robert Jenrick and to stop this Labour Led Council from taking us down the road to disaster.

Not much point asking the Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols as she is firmly behind this council. She has no idea of what it means to live in Warrington and what it means to those of us who are worried about the services that will be scrapped to pay for this debt, and she must be busy sorting out her insult to the GRT community….of which I might add I have heard nothing back from Russ Bowden. He was asked to condemn her for putting malicious communication through the door and demand that the party take measures against her and we have heard nothing, zilch and zero.

So the idea is that we in Warrington are not classed as local taxpayers but share holders as everything the council does is with our money, and despite the major players getting Directorships out of it…and you can find out which ones as everything is available online…we actually gain nothing and are being forced to risk everything despite not having the ability to say no.

So, to prevent the constant and further mismanagement the council must not be allowed to commit anymore monies on ridiculous schemes. The Redwood Bank for instance….the local population pay 87.4% of the bank and get a 33% stake…and the private shareholders who make up the other 12.6% walked away with 67%. Now I am no banker but even I know that we have been shafted on that deal…..but it seems that those who make the decisions don’t and that is a rather frightening prospect that they will continue to invest our local taxes on hairbrained schemes until we actually become bankrupt.

Then what….those schemes relying on local taxpayers money will be cut to the bone. That will include council transport to get disabled children to school. Day rest for those with elderly parents who attend rest-bite centres, our housing stock which trust me some of the council houses near where I live are in an appalling state of repair. I have been contacted so many times by people who are living in mould ridden houses, where there are infestations of rats, bugs and everything else and who have begged time and time again to get it fixed and todate still have nothing done. I am lucky being a home owner…I can get my house repaired if needed but can you imagine having to wait for the council and realising nothing is being done. It must be heartbreaking.

Our parks and the few spaces the children can go to are stripped to the bone. Infact, the park up the road from me has one item left that the older children can play on. There is nothing else…it has been stripped bare. The beautiful park where I walk has all the safety barrier missing and they have just left it. When someone falls and they will do….it will be their fault.

Then we have the drainage system and the flooding. This Labour led council have done nothing. People are living in temporary accommodation having lost all their belongings and they still cannot go home, and the council did not even hand out sandbags, and we know that the flooding will come back next winter and they will still have done nothing….because that is who they are….. I know because I have asked the people who were flooded out. This council have done nothing. They were supposed to keep the drains clear and alert people to the flooding. The councillors turned up days after….which is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. They are inept, found wanting at every opportunity and are getting this town into so much debt…we are now classed as a high risk.

There have been that many homes built that we should be flush with the rates coming in especially as investing in the local infrastructure is something they have not done. They have just took our money and recklessly spent it. We cannot even find out if those who have gotten Directorships out of it are being paid or does the money go back where it belongs….with the taxpayer! It is outrageous to not have this information out in the open. The CEO of the Council has 5 Directorships along with being CEO…..he must be a very part time CEO at this rate.

The revolutionary idea to change the way we are being driven to bankruptcy is that before this council can spend on any other stupid insane project that they are so found of doing must have the majority of the people voting to agree. This is not the monies spent on vital services but rather on the projects where one or another of them end up with a Directorship…. this needs to be stopped as it is not about them but rather the best way to invest our monies and so far they have failed miserably.

Therefore I will be proposing along with others that we register through an online portal to become recognised as shareholders of the Warrington Borough Council investments, and where we have an AGM by right and where we can demand answers from them…as currently they give you nothing…..

We will also be given all the details over the year of any investments this council want to make and given 28 days to respond with an electronic voting system that is not run by them….sad to say I wouldn’t trust this council….so it will be an independent entity and where the vote is the decision and it is binding.

If the majority vote no then the council cannot proceed any further. I know it looks like leading a child by the hand but that is what we literally have to do with this Warrington Borough Council as their mismanagement is now at a dangerous level and we are as a community expecting them to start cancelling our services. They should not be allowed to vote any increase in their expenses for themselves as this is not democratic and they cannot be trusted to put this town first., but we all know even if there is a need to slash the resources for the most vulnerable…it won’t include their expenses…..always money for that.

This is a general idea of what is being planned and it will be forwarded when completed to the Warrington South MP to act for the people, after all if we cannot trust our own local council to act in our best interest who can we trust in? We certainly don’t want them to be responsible for any more of our monies being invested as badly as they have been and they have been caught wanting….and quite frankly are an embarrassment.

After all who gives away so much money for so little return.

If we are considered shareholders then and only then will we see the true debt and total mismanagement that this Labour led council has gotten us into….and it will not be pretty.

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