There is a need to stop China….

I would like to point out first that this is not an attack on the people of China but rather there leaders and the Communist Parliament and people in charge. This build up in the South China seas needs to be stopped and China must be treated as a rogue state and afforded no rightsContinue reading “There is a need to stop China….”

How big is the Warrington Debt?? £1.6 BILLION

Absolutely frightening and shows how the council have failed the local taxpayers. It is not their money and there needs to be a parliamentary investigation into how a placeike WARRINGTON has ended up with 5th LARGEST DEBT.. in the country. It can be summed up in one sentence…. This is simply mismanagement from the majorityContinue reading “How big is the Warrington Debt?? £1.6 BILLION”

Still nothing from the Warrington Borough Council…nor the Leader of the Council.

The Leader of the Council is quick enough to do this for political gain, I am in full agreement because of the vile tweet was regarding a child…..but then does absolutely nothing when the Warrington North MP states she will “deal” with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers, and for posting malicious communications through the doors ofContinue reading “Still nothing from the Warrington Borough Council…nor the Leader of the Council.”

No wonder the USA is in trouble…they vote in clowns such as AOC..

The funniest and most telling part in the video is where she states SURGE is a military word, and then tries to put it in the context of insurgents….will someone buy that idiot a dictionary 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Come hands up….who inflicted this stupid racist on America? If it was you….hang your heads in shame.