This is a humanitarian crisis….and Biden is causing it….Harris is laughing!

When I first saw the video of a young boy of 10 crying on the Texas border my heart went out to him. How could it have ended up that a small boy had been left alone all night and wondering in a desert. This little boy was so scared that he actually approached a border guard saying he could have been kidnapped and that he had no one else to ask for help. The tears broke my heart and he must of been so frightened….so very very frightened.

A migrant boy, who was abandoned in southern Texas after crossing over from Mexico, was recorded on video in tears and asking a U.S. Border Patrol agent for help last Thursday. The child had spent the night in the desert after he was abandoned by the group of migrants he had crossed the border with and feared he would be ‘abducted.’ U.S. Customs and Border Protection has not released the child’s age or nationality

He was sent by his parents to try and get across the Border and was abandoned on his own and had spent the night in the desert petrified, and so very upset and as a mother this is just awful and what on earth were his parents thinking? The people they sent him off with were not even family members but people traffickers.

A U.S. Border Patrol agent traveling on a dirt road east of Rio Grande City found an abandoned migrant boy crying and asking for assistance last Thursday after he had been abandoned by a group of migrants that had illegally crossed the Mexico-United States

We have had further cases of parents dropping their children some 16 feet to get them over the border….they could kill their children and they are doing so because Joe Biden stupidly opened the border overnight. He wanted to show the world what a nice guy he was and determined to “show up” Donald Trump but in reality he has played loose and fast with people who are desperate and the result is a rise in migrants, the failings of a border department that has been pushed over the edge, and child abuse because they are locked up and their freedoms and any form of humanity are taken away by the Biden/Harris Administration.

Sadly these children will be put in a system that is nothing more than an assault on their human rights. They will be put in cages where the facility is already running at over 1500% capacity, and instead of going to see them.. Vice President Harris laughed then spent the following two weeks getting her taxpayer funded accommodation renovated at a very considerable expense,

How can this woman even think about this when there are children in cages and where a deadly virus is in there with them/ It really shows what sort of person she is….she has come up with nothing, no suggestions and certainly no response and children are catching Covid 19 because they are in cages with others who have the virus.

I have already written about how the administration is desperate for people to go and “babysit” the children infected with this killer virus, so they cannot hide the fact that they know what they are doing and the effects and the Vice President has come up with nothing, except spend spend spend on her very palatial address for however long she is in there. It is obscene it really is….

This 10 year old boy had no one with him when abandoned, and he has no one with him whilst in a cage. The poor little darling…..

Biden is the cause of this. Donald Trump shut down the border because he knew that the system could not cope and that it was children who were suffering the most, and he got blasted but it was more humane than locking them in cages that are over capacity. This is a humanitarian crisis and both Biden and Harris are responsible. There are even suggestions now coming from his camp that they are now thinking of putting the wall back into construction. Dear God do these people actually know what they are doing? This is peoples lives they are messing with….

This scared little boy was sobbing and it is heartbreaking….This is child abuse because the poorest in society have been offered that dream life by Biden…but what he did not tell them is that there are cages for the youngest and most vulnerable. Sleeping on mattresses on the floor and nobody really to care for them. How can there be….the people who run this are over worked because of the irresponsibility of the people running the country.

Whilst he cries due to being abandoned and petrified…..and all because Biden wants to be a “nice guy”

The Vice President laughs…….

Remember….when she is laughing…..this is the reality…..

The Vice President has todate done nothing to quell the influx of child migrants and it is getting worse, so much worse and the children are suffering. This is not a case of doing something just for the camera and then walking away…they cannot hide this with smoke and mirrors anymore.

The only thing the Biden administration has done is ban Mainstream Media from actually going to the border to film these scenes quoting security and that it would undermine the teams working there, but what they really mean is that they want to stop people from going to actually see the abuse being heaped on children again and again by the Biden/Harris Administration. It is only because of politicians actually turning up and filming this that it has come to the attention of the world.

Can you imagine if Donald Trump had done this and the facility was working over capacity and resulting in these scenes. The hue and cry would of been deafening yet it seems to be ok when Joe does it because to the left and woke he is better than Bad Man Orange.

Well whether your are woke or not….this is child abuse and somebody from the United Nations needs to get to these facilities and see just what a catastrophe this is and one of Biden’s making, after all he was the one who said of Donald Trump that things that happen on his watch are his responsibility…….well Mr President…OWN THIS…..

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