Nothing from the CEO nor the Labour Leader of Warrington Borough Council.

On the leaflet-gate in Warrington.

Let me explain….the Warrington North MP Charlotte Nichols posted offensive material through the door of potential voters in the town where she stated that she would deal with Gypsies, Roma and Travellers incursions….. Now for clarity this is the terminology of the word incursion….

an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.”incursions into enemy territory” · “border incursions” · “their successful incursion into the electronic-media market”synonyms:attack on · assault on · raid on · invasion of · storming of · overrunning of · foray into · blitz on · sortie into · sally against/into · advance on/into · push into · thrust into · descent on · intrusion into · trespass on · infiltration of · obtrusion into · appropriation of

Now Ms Nicholls is the Shadow Equalities Minister and she offended a minority but yet nothing has been said from the Council Leader nor the CEO of Warrington Borough Council….Ms Nichols made it even worse by saying that she did not even know what the term incursion meant….never heard of google then!!!

Russ Bowden who is the Council Leader was quick enough to jump on a prospective Tory Candidate who wrote a vile comment about the Prime Minister and his newborn son and quite rightly called for her to be punished by the Tory party, but he has remained somewhat silent despite being repeatedly asked to comment on the Labour MPs threat to deal with the GRT….as that is what it was….a threat to deal with them.

Dear Lord who are they employing in the Labour party.? Its all coming out now….what with this and being offended by the Union Flag…no wonder Labour are just not the right people to represent anyone.

MP Charlotte Nichols (Photo: Twitter @charlotte2153)

The CEO of WBC Professor Steven Broomhead has said nothing but then he admitted that he had forwarded an offensive racist joke about a Pakistani shopkeeper in 2006 to a friend and that resulted in an investigation. NWDA chief’s racist text shame – Manchester Evening News….

Like Ms Nichols he apologised but that was only after the fact he was caught. Doesn’t look good on the media platform for people representing us in Warrington?

I won’t hold my breath for any comment from them though…..they won’t even comment on the disastrous policy of spending our local taxes on magic beans instead of proper investments, and they are doing the Keir Starmer political stance….hiding…….and hoping it will just go away.

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