Burgon defends China over Great Britain.

This is the China that Burgon is defending and trying to belittle the effort by the Government… Tells me all I need to know about Labour.

A China who are committing genocide on the Uighur minorities with forced abortions, sterilisation of women, rapes of women and children, working adults and older children to death and the younger children are taken from their parents and brainwashed. Denying freedom to Hong Kong and where those who campaign for freedom disappear on a regular basis. 

This is straight out of the Nazi hand book 101.

We know the World Health Organisation have whitewashed their report in the Covid 19 report because the Head of THE WHO is championed by China itself, and the UN are next to useless when dealing with them.

China actually have a seat on the Human Rights Council. Thats akin to having Genghis Khan made the Patron Saint for peace and harmony…..

True to form Richard Burgon who I cannot stand and whose “fweind is Jewemy  Corbyn”….turned on Great Britain. When you call an anti semitic terrorist loving scumbag an honourable man as Burgon did of Corbyn….then he is in a whole new gutter level.

Thats Labour for you folks.

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