Jesse Jackson is a race baiter and shouldn’t throw stones whilst living in a glass house.

Yet again we hear the discredited words of one Rev Jesse Jackson, where he states that Great Britain is the “mother of racism”.

There are few things here…..

  1. It is not a very christian thing to do as he knows it could cause violence.
  2. We do not need any comment from a man desperate for TV coverage and who has never lived here to even comment on my country.
  3. We are not the people who refuse to acknowledge the indigenous people and their rights.
  4. We do not need comments from an anti-Semite.
  5. We do not need comments from a man who handed thousands of dollars of a charity to his mistress and friends.
  6. We do not comments from a man who hung around with a rabid anti-Semite such as Farrakhan.
  7. We do not need the comments of a man whose only comment was not to retaliate against terrorists on 9/11.

Jesse Jackson is never happier until he is stoking racial hatred but lets have a closer look at this man and what he has been up to!

The Hymie word…

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Jesse Jackson and his now famous anti-Semetic remarks were of such a sensitive issue that he could not be given a security post in any administration due to being a security risk and that he would be seen to prefer Arabs to Jews, and he actually denied it until he was forced to admit he had said it.

*January 25: Sitting in a snack bar at Washington’s National Airport, the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson uses the word “hymie” and the word “hymietown” to refer respectively to Jews and New York City. Jackson says he made the remarks in private and was “overheard” by reporters. Others say Jackson made the remarks while bantering with Washington Post reporter Milton Coleman and one other journalist, possibly from The New York Times.

*February 21: During Jackson’s meeting with The Post, The Globe reports, the Presidential candidate says he has “no recollection” of having said either “hymie” or “hymietown.” When told CBS’s Stahl is Jewish, Jackson reportedly says. “She doesn’t look like she’s Jewish. She doesn’t sound like she’s Jewish.” Jackson also reportedly asks Bradlee. “Do you know that Freeman Gosden was Jewish?” referring to one of the creators of the largely racist mid-century radio show, Amos and Andy.

*February 25: Jackson flies to Chicago to attend a Nation of Islam meeting. Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan, referring to the “hymie” incident, warns Jackson’s opponents. “If you harm this brother, I warn you in the name of Allah, this will be the last one you harm.” Jesse and the Jews | News | The Harvard Crimson (

When the Farrakhan question was raised during an appearance on the ”Donahue” television program, Mr. Jackson refused several times to disavow the Black Muslim leader, despite repeated questioning by Mr. Donahue and two members of the audience.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson acknowledged tonight that he had used the word ”Hymie” in a private conversation to refer to Jews. New York Times.

In the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks Rev. Jackson was virtually alone in opposing retaliation on terrorists and the regimes that harbored them.

Barack Obama

When Barack Obama was a senator Jesse Jackson accused him of acting like a “white man”. Is this not racist in itself to both Obama and to people like me? The original intention was to use disparaging words to describe a man who he viewed was acting in a way that was not his liking, oh and he threatens violence too when he stated he wanted to cut his nuts off. Jackson made the comments to a guest before an interview on Sunday’s “Fox & Friends,” whispering that Obama was “talking down to black people” and that Jackson wanted to “cut his nuts off.

What Jackson said was far worse than what was initially contained in widespread reports, and had in fact used the N-word. It was Jackson, of course, who previously spearheaded a campaign requesting the entertainment industry to endorse a voluntary ban on use of the word. What Jesse Jackson really said about Barack Obama | Politics | The Guardian

So racist and violent…..but that is not the end….

His Tax Returns for “Charity”…

Jesse Jackson in 1999 set up a charity called PUSH (People United to Save Humanity), an organization that enhanced the living conditions of African Americans by orchestrating corporate economic boycotts in order to advocate for more jobs and business opportunities and also to to “fight the right wing that was growing”. Out of this charity money he paid his mistress $120,000 a year. Now in 1999 I don’t know about you but that was a lot of money from a man who states that black people like him were struggling to get anywhere.

He paid his mistress off the books as he left off her name in the tax returns, and not only her name but also the names of those family and friends who were working for the charity. He said it was an oversight….now I don’t know about you but if it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck…that’s not an oversight.

Not only that but he also paid his mistress who had borne him a son a $35,000 pay off when she left her role.

Of course he states “silly me it was an oversight”, but to the rest of us that do pay our taxes this is nothing more than a fiddle. Now when questioned he did what he always does and blames others stating that this is nothing more than an attack by those who are right wing. Funny how it was not the right wing who were behind this pay off to the woman he was cheating with his wife on.

Jackson was accused of strong arm tactics when Jackson dropped plans to boycott Anheuser-Busch after two of his sons were awarded a beer distribution. In 1988 he lobbied against the merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE saying they were an “apartheid system” of telecommunications, but after a 1999 donation of $1 million to CEF Jackson applauded the proposed deal as a way to “deliver the benefits of growth in the telecommunications industry”


I don’t need my country talking down by a man with morals that are in the sewer. My father and his father and his father and even me….had to pay off a bill for a loan taken out by the Government at the time to pay off the slave trade and too beat this ugly trade was the right thing to do, as it was immoral but to hear criticism from the likes of Jackson is galling. He is nothing more than a race baiter who is becoming more and more irrelevant and who knows that the only way he can get his name in the papers is to accuse others or countries of things that are just not true.

How dare the likes of this man talk down the report on racism in this country that was written by some very eminent black and ethnic professionals who said yes there is some racism in this country, but it is not institutionalized and that we are for most of it a very welcoming and modern thinking country. Is he now accusing these same black and ethnic people of lying? I know who I believe and its not Jackson.

He is not behind the door at “forgetting” to put his mistress and friends on tax returns, he is not behind the door at accusing future presidents of acting white in a blatant racist remark and threatening him with violence, and he is not behind the door at being anti-Semetic and other things listed, so why should we believe anything this obnoxious individual says? After all its not as if going off his history we can actually believe a word he says.

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